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Jan 23, 2009, 5:11:17 PM1/23/09
to exercise - chest expander exercises
My name is Kevin I have the chest expander from Life Line USA, I went
big and just got the 3 blue cords. I am focusing on the the front pull
and back press mainly and the bicep curls, I can do all with the 2
blue cords, working on getting a pull with all 3 blue cords. I swing a
heavy macebell too. Definately interested in getting a look at the old
school courses. How many reps do you you guys do, I do front pulls and
back press into the 50-70 reps.

Jan 23, 2009, 11:01:08 PM1/23/09
to exercise - chest expander exercises
I would say to do 5 reps for 3 sets per exercise, and work up to 20
reps for 5 sets, and then add a strand and go back down to the 5 reps.

Vegan Bodybuilding

Jan 24, 2009, 7:24:00 AM1/24/09
I'd say you can't decide reps until you've set goals. High reps will
target your muscular endurance, you'll be able to work at 50-70% of
your max for a long duration. You'll mainly be working the slow
twitch fibres, so (unless you're genetically quite lucky) you won't
really gain much mass, but develop that sinewy sort of look, sort of
like the British special forces commandos look. If you go for less
reps & a higher intensity 75%+ of your 1 rep max, then you'll be
aiming at more muscle size.
You may also be using strands for rehab/prehab stuff. I first
discovered strands for that very purpose & high reps are best for
working shoulders if that's your goal. They really knit the
glenohumeral joint together unlike anything I've ever used, you can
feel the difference, it feels like it fits better, somehow?
I've got 2 sets of strands I've got an old ironmind set (not the same
design they sell now, but an earlier model) & a steel set from ISSA
(International Steel Strandpullers Association). You have to send in
details of your 'wingspan' to get a set set-up to your arm length,
which you can then use in competition if you want to.
I have some links to some old courses posted on my website here along with some other
exercise form sites.
I would consider expanding your pulling exercises a little if you are
only doing those & mace swings for your upperbody (if you're doing
other stuff like bodyweight exercises, weights etc than you wont need
to). John Brookfield has written an interesting book on strandpulling
& Matt Furey has a DVD out on it as well, there may well be others I
haven't seen?
All the best & keep pulling :-)

Pete Ryan

2009/1/24 <>:

Kevin Wikse

Jan 24, 2009, 10:39:04 AM1/24/09

My goal is strength endurance right now, not mass. I will check out the Iron Mind chest expander. I have the one from life line usa, the 3 blue cords at 90-100lbs each, I can almost do a full 3 cord pull with some movements. I want more of the wiry/tendon strength. I use very abberviated programs and often take heavy weight into high reps, it seems to work for me.  I do kettlebell snatches and press into the 100s, I use the chest expander, and I am the first person to swing the 45lb macebell 100 times in a row. I am reading the Reg Park book on your site right now, thank you for posting it!

Jan 24, 2009, 11:40:47 AM1/24/09
to exercise - chest expander exercises
There is also a Reg Park forum, located at, if
you are inerested

Kevin Wikse

Jan 25, 2009, 9:48:21 PM1/25/09

The 20 reps for 5 ets program and then add a strand is a GREAT idea. Thank you very much! Also, thank you for the reg park forum.
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