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Apr 20, 2022, 5:23:20 PM4/20/22
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Eye Clinic Oculo
work list
A- Eyelid surgeries.
B - Lacrimal duct surgeries (lacrimal system).
C - surgery of the osseous cavity of the eye.
D - artificial eye surgery.
A. Eyelid surgery:
1. Inversion of the outer / inner eyelid of the upper and lower eyelids (his hair).
Repair of inversion of the eyelid using cosmetic stitches.
2. Congenital and acquired blepharoptosis repair.
3. Beautification of the upper and lower eyelids.
4. Excision of eyelid tumors + simple or compound reconstructive surgery.
5. Repair of a lacerated incisional wound including the edge of the eyelid.
6. Surgeries to repair the seventh nerve palsy {Platinum/gold weight implant + lower eyelid lift}.
B. Lacrimal tract surgery (lacrimal canal surgery):
1. Tear duct surgery + duct test.
2. Expansion of the tear duct opening + implantation and installation of a silicone stent.
3. Lacrimal canal surgery + stent (silicone / stergons) with laparoscopic surgery.
4. Repair of cut or laceration of the tear duct + silicone stent.
5. Surgery to remove lacrimal gland tumors + sample for analysis + removal of the tumor
C. Ocular cavity surgeries:
1. Removal of tumors of the bony cavity of the eye for children and adults.
2. Repair of fractures of the bony cavity of the eye.
3. Repair of exophthalmos as a result of increased thyroid secretions.
D. Prosthetic eye surgeries:
1. Eye removal surgery + chromium replacement (silicone / coral).
2. Construction of the bony cavity of the eye, using a fat substitute.
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