Release 1.1.5 of the Checker Framework and Type Annotations compiler

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Werner Dietl

Jul 22, 2011, 5:41:15 AM7/22/11
We have released a new version of the Type Annotations (JSR 308) compiler
and the Checker Framework.
 * The Type Annotations compiler supports the type annotation syntax that is
   planned for a future version of the Java language.
 * The Checker Framework lets you create and/or run pluggable type-checkers,
   in order to detect and prevent bugs in your code.  

You can find documentation and download links for these projects at:

Changes for the Checker Framework
Version 1.1.5, 22 Jul 2011

Units Checker:
  Instead of conversion routines, provide unit constants, with which
  to multiply unqualified values. This is easier to type and the
  multiplication gets optimized away by the compiler.

Fenum Checker:
  Ensure that the switch statement expression is a supertype of all
  the case expressions.

Implementation details:

- Parse declaration annotations in stub files

- Output error messages instead of raising exceptions. This change
  required us to introduce method "initChecker" in class
  SourceChecker, which should be used instead of "init". This allows
  us to handle the calls to initChecker within the framework.
  Use method "errorAbort" to output an error message and abort

Changes for the Type Annotations Compiler
Version 1.1.5, 22 Jul 2011

No changes in functionality.
Edited build scripts to allow running the Checker Framework on the

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