Low Cost Airline Companies in Asia

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Lula Phoenix

Apr 5, 2010, 9:56:41 PM4/5/10
to Cheap Airfare Tickets
Airlines are an obvious component of traveling overseas. How many
people do you know who travels overseas via boat? That's right; barely
any. The trickiest part of being a business traveler is having enough
money to travel. Essentially you're making money for the sole purpose
of traveling to make money.
Therefore, it's nice to be able to save a little extra cash for times
when you genuinely need it, and that's why low-cost airlines can be so
inviting. No, you aren't going to be paying an arm and a leg to
travel; but your arm and leg might fall asleep from the little leg
room in the cabin.
That's right. Do not expect luxury and extravagant amenities from a
low-cost flight. There are no frills like drinks and dinners. This is
about maintenance, not a pleasure. These airlines will get you to
where you need to go in one piece, much like an older car that you
take to go to the market. They're reliable craft that are also less
expensive to operate than the super, new jumbo jets. The bottom line
is: They do their job well within cost-saving parameters. That cost
savings is passed on to you, the paying passenger.
Due to the amount of international business done in Asia and the
Pacific Rim, low-cost flights have become more popular for localized
Asian travel. In the passing years even these no-frills flights are
becoming more comfortable and more reliable than the giant carriers.
Adam Air, Air Asia, and Lion Air, serves the Asian Pacific region,
including Indonesia and Singapore. The Philippines offers one of the
best low-cost flights with Cebu Pacific Air. In China, Macau Viva
provides service to Macau, Maldives, and Indonesia.
The words "Middle East" and "airlines" might have a negative
connotation to some, but their low-cost airlines are some of the best
in the world. Nas Airlines flies within Saudi Arabia, while Air Arabia
and Aero Asia offers flights within Pakistan, as well as to other
areas of the Gulf region.
Travelers flying within India and to the countries surrounding it,
like Pakistan, can fly SpiceJet, Kingfisher Airlines, or and Paramount
Airways. You can cover most of the country quickly and economically.
On the other side of the continent, flights within Japan can be easily
affordable on Skymark and Skynet Asia Airways. Finally, travelers
within Australia don't need to take the reliable kangaroo across the
Continent. With JetStar and Virgin Blue making flights within
Australia, and Freedom Air flying between them and New Zealand, they
won't have to get their feet wet anymore!
We've talked about boats and kangaroos, and clearly the only way to
travel fast and far is by air. There can be no price on a cost-
efficient way to get to a destination in as little time as possible.
And since you'll be saving money on your ticket, you can tip your
flight attendant properly, even if you didn't get a drink.

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