Little Known Travel Secrets

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Nadine Hicks

Apr 5, 2010, 9:37:28 PM4/5/10
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Little known travel secrets the airlines do not want you to know. At
the end of this story you'll discover a couple of travel secrets to
make your flight more comfy. The airlines are jam packing every flight
in an effort to stay in the red. Yuck! I have decided recently that I
really don't enjoy flying because of just that!
My last flight from Detroit to Orlando (about 2.5 hours) found me
stuck in the very last seat by the window. Having a slight case of
claustrophobia, that was not my choice seat. I'm also a frugal
traveler so I really dislike having to pay extra for an aisle seat or
the coveted Exit row seats.
I sat down in that last seat on the plane and concentrated on the
activity outside my window to ward off my claustrophobia. Hoping to
get someone next to me that was not an armrest hog, had taken a bath
recently and didn't feel the need to have their tray down during the
entire trip. Not too much to ask for or so I thought. I was pleasantly
surprised when a 10 year old girl and her mother became my travel
companions. My own daughter is 9 yrs old, so I tried to make
conversation with the little girl. After two attempts to communicate,
her mother explained they were from Norway and her daughter did not
speak English.
During this brief exchange a sour smell kept drifting around my nose.
Sniffing repeatedly, I felt like a hound dog, I realized it was coming
from this mother and daughter. Just as I determined the source of the
sour smell, I saw lice eggs in the little girl's hair. Having
experience with lice and my daughter, I know it has nothing to do with
regular bathing. (My daughter was infected at the local library using
the computer headphones and then again at our local YMCA using the
rock climbing helmet.) Lice is nasty, there's no question about it.
It's also very contagious. After 2.5 hours of sour smelling, lice
infected travel, I was determined to do something about it on my
return flight.
Needless to say, on my return flight, I made sure I had an aisle seat.
I arrived at the airport well in advance of my flight. So early, that
during check in I was not assigned a seat, but was told to approach
the boarding gate attendant for my seat assignment. I had several
hours prior to my flight, so I found a work station and set up my
laptop. About 30 minutes prior to boarding, I arrived at the
appropriate gate. The gate attendants were calling passenger names in
order to assign seats and my name was called. I approached the counter
and asked for an aisle seat. Not only did I get an aisle, I was
awarded an exit row seat as well! Since most passengers don't want to
pay the up charge for an aisle or exit row seat, there were several
available. I happen to stumble upon this little travel secret, but you
can be sure I'll try it again next time I travel.
Another little known airline travel secret is to ask to bump up to
first class at the boarding gate. Some airlines have a small $40 fee
to do so. I may be frugal but I know a money saving travel opportunity
when I see it. I haven't tried this yet, but certainly plan to do so
at my first opportunity.
Fly Safely, Fly Happy and may you come home lice free!

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