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The Chapel Hill Cycling list exists to help Chapel Hill, NC area cyclists share information about rides and topics of interest to the local cycling community. The list is not affiliated with any shop, club or business, though all are welcome to participate. 

List Etiquette

There are more than 300 members on the list. To avoid overloading members with email:
  • Stay on topic. This is a local cycling list. I emphasize local, because if you wish to discuss general cycling topics there are plenty of places where this is welcome. Local topics are those that address rides (even those that aren't strictly local), cycling events, and topics that are relevant to this cycling community.
  • Use reply-all sparingly or not at all. Only reply to the entire list if you specifically want to share your response with many people.
  • Use restraint. Have a comment for a specific person? Email him or her directly. 
  • Be nice. Respectful disagreement is fine. Flaming isn't and will get all participants tossed from the list. Don't complain; use the delete key.
  • Be thorough. If you post a ride, include all of the information that anyone on the list would need. 
Managing Your List Subscription

Members are responsible for managing their subscriptions to the Chapel Hill Cycling list. This includes joining, altering a membership or leaving the list. These are simple tasks that require little in the way of Internet literacy. Links to the relevant commands are included in list emails. I know it's easier to make these tasks another person's problem, but is that really what you want to do?  

That said, if you have a problem with Google Groups that hinders you, send me (not the list) an email and I'll gladly help. 

Commercial Content

Using the list to sell stuff is okay, within limits. Here are the rules:
  • Individuals are welcome to offer *used* items for sale, as long as they:
    • List any item only once (no reminders, price reductions, etc.)
    • Include all relevant information, including condition, price, etc. 
  • Any bike shop/bike-related business is welcome to publicize events (sales, clinics, etc) that are relevant to our local community, as long as:
    • They advertise an event only once 
    • They include all relevant information
Have a question or want to request an exception? Email me.

A couple more notes about commercial content:
  • If you're a prospective buyer, reply directly to the seller. Always.
  • DO NOT forward commercial emails to the list. Never.
A Note for Event Ride Organizers & Clubs

Please coordinate your publicity efforts so you don't flood the list with duplicate emails. Here's what I recommend:
  • A save the date email
  • A reminder shortly before the event
  • Emails about last minute changes necessitated by weather or other factors
Thanks for being part of the list. 

CHCycling List Admin

(Credit goes to the Triad Ride List and list owner Ian Joyce for the etiquette and rules statements above.)