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Chaturbate is a webcam site with a very suggestive name that gives you an idea of what is happening during chat sessions. If you want to have fun with a perverted babe from an exotic location, you should join this site. Everything on is perfect, from the models and interface of the website to the prices and bonuses. Read this report and you will learn more about every point on this page. The information in this article will help you find out if Chaturbate is the page you need or if you need to find more.

The Chaturbate design

This site is pretty simple, which makes it awesome. It's not filled with useless features and plugins, so you'll have easy and functional navigation. The right sidebar of the page is the place for some banner ads, but it won't bother you at all. The design is simple and elegant and combines blue and white to create a relaxed and pleasant environment in which to let off steam. You can simply search through the models and change the categories displayed. All models are


The sex cam platform "Chaturbate" promises hot live sex and free sex chat via direct live stream. It is even possible to use it free of charge, allowing members all over the world to pursue their passions and interests as they please. But how serious is Chaturbate really and what are the alternatives?

Chaturbate benefits

  • Watching is free (chatting is chargeable)

  • worldwide use

  • Networking members around the world

  • Free adult webcams and chats

  • diverse selection options (women, men, couples, trans)


  • a lot of possibilities with a free account

  • often rude tone among the chat participants

  • mostly sex cams from international countries like USA / Canada

The goal of Chaturbate is the pure exchange of erotic actions and the satisfaction of own needs via PC or smartphone. Direct dating is not possible and is also not intended. The portal is not only interesting for men, but also for women who are looking for erotic variety. Here, all participants can show each other through the webcam or just watch.

Who shows up on Chaturbate? The majority of all registered amateurs on Chaturbate are women. The selection ranges from Asian origins to girls from Africa and especially Europe.

Another advantage of the portal is the varied selection of show-happy girls and other amateur actors. So there are also more distant and much more permissive cultures , which often offer much more in front of the sex cam than is common in this country. There are hardly any limits to creativity and your own needs.

The age structure is also diverse, because everything is represented from teenagers 18+ to mature milf 60+.

The same applies to the other amateur actors, where the age ranges from young to old. By marking tags, the most varied types can also be found on the portal.

From the well- behaved schoolgirl to pierced hardcore girls / milfs with diverse preferences and fetish, almost everything can be found. Only very few German actors are registered on Chaturbate, whereby the market can be measured on little-known sizes. These are usually registered on other German-language portals and equipped with corresponding model contracts.

Due to the open structure, Chaturbate attracts many free and independent amateurs, which ultimately also benefits a very large selection.

Is Chaturbate Really Free? Only limited, one of the main arguments of the amateur portal Chaturbate is of course the possibility of free use, which is worth mentioning right from the start. Unregistered users can also access a number of adult webcams in the free area that are marked for free shows. Although the usage rights are limited via free access, you get numerous interesting insights into international webcam shows and sex chats.

Compared to other chat and flirt portals, this is a major advantage because there is no need to purchase a subscription. This means that the appetite for more can be stimulated around the clock without the need for coins.


Chaturbate Basic Member (free)

With the free registration as a "basic member" you also have access to various webcam chats and selected livestream shows in the member area, which are blocked compared to free users.

Buy tokens (to participate in chat)

However, in order to be able to actively chat in the chat itself , tokens that are subject to a fee are required , similar to coins that can be bought by recharging. Converted, you pay around 10.63 euros for the purchase of 100 tokens.

Chaturbate Premium Upgrade ($ 19.95 / month)

At Chaturbate there is also the so-called premium membership , which enables more intensive use, such as active participation in chat and visiting private chats. Anyone who also buys tokens can express their wishes to their heart's content and reward their counterpart via the internal payment model in the form of tips; which usually creates a very appealing thank you. There are also numerous videos that can be called up by clicking on the preview images.

Overview of costs

In short: There are no apparent cost traps lurking at Chaturbate , as everything is clearly structured and easy to understand even in English. It does not require a subscription , so Chaturbate can be used completely free of charge.

Chaturbate tokens

However, if you want something more, such as participating in chats and webcam shows, you have to pay this with tokens. These can be easily purchased in various packages without any follow-up costs. The structure is extremely clear, as it is always specified for which function how many tokens have to be bought.

Overview of token prices:

  • 100 tokens currently cost $ 10.99

  • 200 tokens cost $ 20.99

  • You can get 500 tokens for $ 44.99

  • 750 tokens cost $ 62.99

  • and the largest package includes 1000 tokens for $ 79.99

The premium upgrade option has already been mentioned. This costs $ 19.95 a month and has some extra options such as making private contact via chat, a fullscreen mode or completely ad-free use. With such an upgrade, Chaturbate gives 200 tokens for free.

Since the market is highly competitive, offers promotions and vouchers at regular intervals where free tokens can be purchased. However, the option, like the upgrade to a premium membership, is only slightly attractive. In contrast to the amateur actors, who also give all members registered for free hot insights and information about themselves.

Payment options in detail If you decide to buy tokens or purchase a premium membership , the above costs will apply. However, these can be easily settled. In contrast to many other erotic portals, Chaturbate offers a relatively large number of payment options. You can easily pay by credit card or PayPal.

Payment via wire transfer (international bank transfer) or the Epoch system (payment via Paysafe card, Giropay and instant transfer) is also possible. To remain anonymous in sex chat, you can also pay with Paysafe as with

First impression on The basic structure is made very clear, with which you can choose what suits your own requirements. In this way, users can keep an eye out for women, men, couples and transsexuals and are forwarded directly to the relevant areas with simple clicks. The origin can also be sorted so that you can reach your destination quickly. Key terms are marked with hashtags and are immediately visible via the top search bar. For example, in the "Tags" section, #french primarily lists private girls from France, and #asian or #milf contains numerous amateur actresses in the individual categories.

The large number of images, behind which profiles and amateur actors can be found, appear somewhat confusing at first. But right away you can find the qualities, prices and advantages in a kind of short description. When you click on the pictures, profiles open, on which the members introduce themselves and reveal some intimate information about themselves.

Concerns about registering on are entirely justified, especially since the entire menu navigation is in English and there is a striking amount of advertising on the pages that can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. However, you should not be put off by this either, since basic English skills are sufficient for safe operation.

It gets a bit trickier, of course, when calling up foreign-language CamChats from abroad. Experience has shown, however, that all participants at Chaturbate are eager for an erotic exchange and that an understanding of simple English vocabulary is definitely possible.

Try it out and register for free The profiles of all amateur performers can also be viewed without registration, which initially gives a good overview of the portal. If you go to the page, a window opens and you have to confirm your minimum age of 18 years. This is quite common for English-language sites with an age rating of 18+ and here too you can confidently click on "I agree"; provided that no other conditions such as payment requests or personal data input are required.

over 18 note After confirmation, you get direct access to the page, which is structured similar to a video platform. Visitors can view profiles and pictures before registering, but it becomes really interesting when they register, which is free of charge.

Via the item "Register" (in the partly German-language web version) a freely selectable profile name, an email address (optional) and the date of birth must be specified. Then comes the confirmation that you are not a robot and your own profile can be designed, on which you can also provide information about yourself.

With the menu item "Broadcast yourself" your own webcam and account can be activated, which you can use to become an amateur actor. So far everything is free and as a registered member you already get access to various chats and webcam shows.

Tokens (in US dollars) can be purchased in various packages for the use of private live chats and show deposits, and a paid upgrade to a premium membership is also available.

Start webcam show and enter chat Clicking on the profile picture opens the page of the desired chat and web cam partner. Information about the last online status and the next show is also stored here, as well as the quality of the image transmission and the number of total followers who attend the chat or generally follow. The layout is quite simple and there are also videos and pictures that can be accessed at will and the appropriate use of tokens.

If an amateur is online, you can use the sex chat in the right picture bar, which can be activated by paying tokens. Here questions can be asked and wishes can be expressed. You can also ask questions and express preferences offline, with which private chats can also be arranged.

Select chat room The whole platform basically consists of individual chat rooms , which Chaturbate also names. The clarity is often criticized because a large number of chat rooms are displayed at the same time without sorting. However, this must be countered by the fact that the tag function in particular helps in the search and also gives other suggestions to try something different.

Spy chat So-called spy chats can also be visited, in which one can look freely and without obligation; but without any intervention options , but at least with exciting shows and erotic interludes.

Seriousness and anonymity Is Chaturbate really serious? The online adult market in particular offers many criminals a chance of fraud and data theft, which is a certain danger for all users. Since Chaturbate is based abroad , there is often a degree of skepticism and questions about seriousness. After extensive research and a look at the data protection regulations, it can be concluded that Chaturbate can be used without hesitation. SafeLabeling, RTA and ASACR ensure a safe feeling when surfing on the platform.

Do I remain anonymous? In terms of anonymity, you can flirt on Chaturbate completely undetected and take part in webcam shows as a viewer, because a nickname, a password and a (fictitious) age are sufficient for registration. Entering an email address is optional, but is essential for paid use. Payment is also extremely discreet and does not make any reference to the Chaturbate platform when you draw up your account.

Age test and termination As described above, the first time you visit the site, you must have an age confirmation and you must also state when you register that you are of legal age yourself.

A created account can be deleted very easily at Chaturbate. On the start page there is the " Delete Account " item in the lower menu bar , via which you can confirm the deletion by entering the password.

Chaturbate customer service There is no German-language customer service at Chaturbate. There are several ways to contact the company by phone, email, and mailing address. In the system support, questions can be asked and FAQs can be called up. However, basic English skills should be available for this. Inappropriate content or suspected criminal acts can also be reported directly in the system.

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