Need help with new install of cfpayment

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Mark Z

Jul 2, 2018, 12:02:33 PM7/2/18
to cfpayment
I have installed all the files and believe all are mapped correctly.

I am trying to do a charge with stripetoken and keep getting the following coldfusion error.

08:37:31.031 - Application Exception - in C:/Users/xxxx/Documents/1Test/Coldfusion/Devcf/cfpayment/api/gateway/stripe/stripe.cfc : line 833
	    Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface cfpayment.api.model.response.
The file response.cfc is in the model folder, and in the debugging info it looks like creditcard.cfc and money.cfc in the same folder are executed.

Here is my application.cfm settings:

<cfset this.mappings[ "/cfpayment" ] = "C:/Users/xxxx/Documents/1Test/Coldfusion/Devcf/cfpayment/ " /><!---<cfset this.rootDir = getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath()) />
cfg = { path = "stripe.stripe", TestSecretKey = "sk_test_lqu5Caq2AvzrT2ncSIvAzwQw" };
svc = createObject("component", "cfpayment.api.core").init(cfg);
gw = svc.getGateway();

and here is the purchase:

account = svc.createCreditCard().setAccount(form.stripetoken).setFirstName("John").setLastName("Doe");

sAmount = svc.createMoney(5000);

response = gw.purchase(money = sAmount, account = account);

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mark Z

Jul 2, 2018, 6:33:22 PM7/2/18
to cfpayment

It seems that application mapping can give random problems and by mapping in the CF server the problem disappears. I'm working on a local desktop CF installation CF11.
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