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Brian G

Aug 24, 2019, 3:10:46 PM8/24/19
to cfpayment

Hi all, 

I'm no longer coding much and my team is moving all new development to Javascript/node. The gateway that I personally use, stripe, will not receive any additional updates from me (which means SCA/PaymentIntents/etc will not be implemented by me).

At this point, the project is static. If someone would like to take over maintenance and/or development, please feel free to fork my github repo and post here for new development. There has been very little contribution from the community over the last decade. If you want to take it over, assume you will be the one who will be doing the work.

It may make more sense for people to take ownership over a single gateway implementation that is important to them. 

Best of luck to everyone!


Brian G

Aug 24, 2019, 4:18:13 PM8/24/19
to cfpayment

Just a heads up - I committed fixes and tests from my local development. There is one (potentially) breaking configuration change that fixed issue #35 so you can override a gateway: https://github.com/ghidinelli/cfpayment/pull/39/files

The configuration you pass no longer assumes "gateway" in the path, so you will want to change config from:

cfg = { path = "stripe.stripe", ... };


cfg = { path = "gateway.stripe.stripe", ... };

The README has been updated to reflect this. This allows extending the gateways with your own overrides. I use this to create custom responses, e.g. I have my own model/stripe/stripe.cfc that looks like: 

component extends="vendor.cfpayment.api.gateway.stripe.stripe" {

function createResponse () {

return createObject("component", "response").init(argumentCollection = arguments, service = getService());



And I have a custom model/stripe/response.cfc with custom error message processing (e.g., we remove "Stripe" from all error messages and replace with "Bank" to make it generic since we don't want to expose Stripe to our end users.

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