Microbits, servos, PIRs ...HELP!!!

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John Weir

Apr 29, 2022, 4:31:10 AMApr 29
to CESI-list
Morning all,

I am just starting into the world of Microbits and am looking for some help in solving a problem I am having. I know there are quite a few on here with lots of experience in the field.

I am trying to connect microbit to 2 servos  and a PIR (and maybe am LED as well). The idea is to work as an intruder alarm project with motion triggering action in both servos. I am having issues that I think stem from power but it may be that I have just set it up wrong.

What would the best way to physically connect and power this. 
I see kidtronik do a 3 servo control board

Would this best solve all my problems? 

Any advice welcome


I suspect this may solve my problems but I am wondering if I am missing something else

aaron hynes

Apr 29, 2022, 4:51:22 AMApr 29
to cesi...@googlegroups.com
Hi John,

I have found that most of these sensors are 4.5v not the 3v supplied to by the Microbit.

Connect the positive from the 4.5v battery to the Pir sensor and the negative to the 0v of the microbit. Should work then.

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Chris Reina

Apr 29, 2022, 5:18:13 AMApr 29
to CESI-list
Hi John,

Welcome to the world of SBCs!

I suspect you could be correct in terms of power. Microbits (with a battery pack) use 3V and this is not usually enough to power a servo. (unless you have a smaller size one)

The Microbit will handle power up to 5V/6V (a rechargeable battery pack is your friend here - almost all of them are 5V)

If you plan on doing a number of projects using servos - it would probably be best to get a dedicated control board - this will allow multiple devices and are powered (usually the board and Microbit together).

Feel free to give me a shout if you like. I have a workshop (using Microbits ironically!) this morning, but will be finished by 13.00.

My number is: 087-2685020



Conor Power

Apr 29, 2022, 12:47:34 PMApr 29
to cesi...@googlegroups.com
The move mini board is an option. It has 5 neopixels built in (could do different colors for intrusions). It can do 4 three wire servos (pins out for two. Powered of three AAA with on/off switch integrated. There is a built in extension on makecode for them.

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