Cert Manager issuing Certificate having same CN for two application served via Ingress Ngnix

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Mar 12, 2022, 3:04:36 AM3/12/22
to cert-manager-dev
Hi Guys ,

New  to this space , i am trying to use Cert-Manager to issuing Certificate using ACME DNS01 solver using Lets Encrypt as CA (using Cluster -Issuer resource), was able to feature test this successfully but Iam presented on browser  with certificate having same CN (Having FQDN of First application) for my two different applications URLs .

Using here  CloudDNS(google) as solver and have  2 seperate  DNS A  records(FQDN) entry pointing to same LB IP (since using nginx-ingress L4 Load Balancer for ingress)

So what i should see in CN for App1 should be :- App1.example.com and for App2: App2.example.com but what iam seeing for both App's is  : App1.example.com ?

Helpful if someone can guide what mistake iam i making . Cheers!
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