cert-manager webhook / custom code for ACME HTTP01

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Jul 15, 2021, 3:16:23 PM7/15/21
to cert-manager-dev
Hi devs,

is it possible to Implement a custom ACME HTTP01 handling like its done with the webhook-example for DNS01?

a little background, we have some clusters that can not be reached directly from the public Internet,
but we have the possibility to create the needed .well-known acme-challenge on a public server (public DNS points to this server for the domains where we need certs for).

using DNS01 is not possible since for this we need to expose the DNS provider login / token to the cluster, which is not possible in our use case.

for doing this we basically need a way to call custom code on create with:
 - domain
 - token (file name)
 - keyAuth (content)
and for cleanup with:
 - domain
 - token (file name)

by looking in the code and documentation we did not see any hints for this.
it this possible?



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