Cerner FHIR Developers

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Welcome to the Cerner FHIR Developers Group!

This group is here to support and answer questions about the Cerner implementation of SMART and FHIR. To follow along with our development, please monitor our release notes here:

First, a few rules...
  • Do NOT post your OAuth Bearer token or other security credentials on this group.
  • Do NOT post any patient data (FHIR request bodies or response bodies), outside of our open sandbox.
  • Do NOT post URLs that are not part of our public sandbox to this group. We can get context from the X-Request-Id header if needed. 
  • Do NOT  post recruiting requests, job seeking requests, or advertisements.
All the guidelines above are here to protect security and sensitive patient data. It's best to get in the habit of protecting data that may pass through your applications from the start. While these guidelines are specific to this group, they would apply to all data your application will have access to, other public groups, and the data you may send over e-mail. 

How to ask a Question
In order to enable us to help everyone, we ask that you follow these guidelines when asking a question here:
  1. RIGHT PLACE? Make sure the question belongs in this group.
  2. SEARCH. Has the question already been answered?
    • Make sure to search the existing posts to see if someone else already asked this question, and read the responses to see if they apply to your question.
    • If you cannot find an applicable answer to your question, or you need further clarification, do NOT bump old threads, please create a new thread for your question.
    • Please read our documentation at to see if the documentation answers your question. For example, for Millennium, all spec versions, resources, operations, and query parameters we support are documented, along with FAQs, SMART, and Authorization documentation.
  3. TAG. Make sure to select the tag that best applies to your question or discussion.
  4. INVESTIGATE and DOCUMENT. For troubleshooting requests: provide a summary of any investigation you've done to this point. What have you tried? What settings or documentation have you checked?
    • Link to any documentation you're referencing.
    • Link to your application in the code console, if applicable.
  5. EXAMPLE. For Troubleshooting requests: Provide a simple example that recreates the issue.
    • Ensure the simple example is in our public sandbox, not from a client site.
    • If you have the example of an actual failure, provide the X-Request-Id (please do not provide request or response bodies, we also don't need the URL)
    • Is it consistently reproducible? Or does it seem to vary?
    • What are you expecting to happen? What do you see actually happening?
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