How to create an encounter (R4) specifying a Nurse Location

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Robert Howard

Sep 23, 2021, 4:23:27 PMSep 23
to Cerner FHIR Developers
  We are using the R4 API to create Encounters for a patient (or person).
  We also use Revenue Cycle as a user interface to create and test these records.

  Create an encounter THAT ALSO references a Nurse Unit.


  * We have an existing patient
  * We are able to create an encounter for this patient through the API (e.g. Postman) so we understand the general R4 structure to do so, as defined here:

We want to populate the Nurse Unit for this encounter. We don't know how.

We went into Revenue Cycle, found the existing patient, edited an existing encounter, added the Nurse Unit there, used the "GET /encounter" to retrieve that encounter record. We looked at the section that changed. It looked like this:

    "location": [
            "location": {
                "reference": "Location/4241126649",
                "display": "THE NURSE UNIT"
            "status": "active"

Then we pasted that "location" section in the JSON body of the "POST /encounter" request, sent it, and it succeeded (201 Created),
AND we see the newly created encounter in Revenue Cycle
BUT the Nurse Unit is empty and we want it to be set.

Any ideas?

Fenil Desani (Cerner)

Oct 1, 2021, 4:21:02 PMOct 1
to Cerner FHIR Developers

For Encounter writes, Location is not a supported field. Any field not supported for writes, if provided, are stripped by FHIR.


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