AllergyIntolerance doesn't support pagination?

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Michael Carroll

Dec 9, 2017, 11:53:26 AM12/9/17
to Cerner FHIR Developers
I might be missing something here, but it appears the AllergyIntolerance endpoint doesn't support pagination?

The endpoint doesn't support passing a _count parameter and doesn't return a  count of the resources returned in the entry either, so that seems like a safe assumption. Confusingly, however, the "link" field returns only one item, which has the relation as "next" (and no "self" link):

[{"relation"=>"next", "url"=>""}]

Given that the url for that link doesn't have the typical "-pageContext" and "-pageDirection" parameters of I might see a paginated response on another endpoint, I'm guessing it's the "self" link, not truly a "next" link?

My big question here is: can I safely assume that when I query the AllergyIntolerance endpoint I'm getting *all* the scoped Allergy Intolerances for the patient, and that there's no potential "next" page/pagination of the records I need to worry about?


Max Philips (Cerner)

Dec 11, 2017, 9:56:32 AM12/11/17
to Cerner FHIR Developers
Hi Michael,

You are correct that the AllergyIntolerance endpoint does not support pagination at this time.  This does not mean it never will, as we may add pagination to any resource as we monitor performance.

Correct, _count is not a supported parameter.  I just tested an open and a closed request in the sandbox and I was not able to duplicate the behavior you have observed where a next link returns.  Both times, I got a self link and no other links in the link array.

Could you share an X-Request-Id from a request where you saw this behavior so we can investigate further?

The big answer is: yes, since AllergyIntolerance does not page, all allergies for the patient will return in one query.

Max (Cerner)
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