Invoke SMART on FHIR App from Cerner Ambulatory

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Joseph, Cuckoo John

Mar 2, 2021, 10:22:10 PM3/2/21
to Cerner FHIR Developers
SMART Apps (FHIR) can be integrated with EHR and can be invoked from within EHR by a provider/care giver as a static link.  

My question is, Can the App be configured as part of a provider work flow ? For ex.  As part of a Patient checkout, can this App be invoked or create a task for provider to complete the feature provided by the App.

Please suggest.


Fenil Desani (Cerner)

Mar 4, 2021, 11:03:20 AM3/4/21
to Cerner FHIR Developers

Not entirely sure on the workflow you are trying to achieve, but let me know if this answers your question:

Currently, end users can open SMART apps in the following ways:

  • Providers can access SMART apps from the Cerner Millennium PowerChart TOC (table of contents, a column of options that open different PowerChart components) and the Organizer view
  • Providers can access SMART apps from an MPages component that is embedded in PowerChart
  • Consumers can access SMART apps from HealtheLife to view their patient information
  • Providers/Consumers can access SMART apps from a stand-alone provider/patient facing SMART apps

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