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Sean C

Dec 8, 2020, 11:41:21 AM12/8/20
to Cerner FHIR Developers
I'm in the process of developing an app integrating with Cerner's EHR, but without seeing how a practitioner will interact with it through PowerChart, it is difficult to create the UI for the app to facilitate this. For example, how would a practitioner launch my app internally and from which display? Do they need to enter my app URI in order to launch?

As such, is there a Cerner "trial account" that I can use to do these test? Or is the only way to do the tests?

Furthermore, if the app is complete, is there a representative to reach out to in Cerner as with other EMR vendors?

Thank you,

Aaron McGinn (Cerner)

Dec 10, 2020, 6:13:26 PM12/10/20
to Cerner FHIR Developers
Using your app through the developer portal [1] allows you to launch it as if it is launching within chart context. There are also a couple different access points [2] the app can be launched from. When your app is ready to enter the code Program or be used at sites, you can submit [3] your app and we will help you through that process.

-Aaron (Cerner)


Feb 3, 2021, 3:19:35 PM2/3/21
to Cerner FHIR Developers
Hello, I am looking for Cerner Developer/Sandbox account to perform API integration for user provisioning. Could some one please help me where i can find the developer account access.
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