Smart on FHIR App running in a private network behind a firewall

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Apr 28, 2023, 3:29:11 PM4/28/23
to Oracle Cerner FHIR Developers

Our Smart on FHIR App that we are building will need to eventually launched by our hospital clients Cerner instance that is inside a private network so it requires our Smart on FHIR app to be deployed within their network eventually.

But the app submission and approval process on console requires a redirect URI of the app and I assume it needs to be a public domain  URI.

Primary Questions: 
1. For the submission and approval, Do we deploy our Smart on FHIR App on a public domain on cloud so the the can redirect to it for the launch ?
2. And once it is approved, do we re-deploy within the hospitals  private network so their test/production Cerner can get to it. I guess It requires updating the Redirect and Launch  URIs on app configuration on Cerner.

Also, Our app needs to interact with our external API and data source (built by us as well) to generate some additional data using the data obtained from Cerner. So for the submission and approval process we also need to deploy that external API of ours in a public domain probably with some fake data.

And, post approval we need to re-deploy that external API of ours to the private network of the hospital along with our Smart on FHIR App. So that requires at least some configuration change (to modify the external API URL) for the Smart on FHIR App and then re-deploy. 

Just want to make sure we are thinking in the right direction. Please advise. 


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