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Александр Иванов

Jan 9, 2023, 9:05:53 AMJan 9
to Ceres Solver
While working with ceres I have observed some code style inconsistences.

* Simple "grep"ing shows quite extensive usage of "using"s for std::some_type: using std::some_type; ... some_type<T> v;.  I wonder if it makes sense since in the most cases more ordinary std::some_type is used. Even within the same file sometimes I see both vector<int> and std::vector<int>. I think it is quite misleading and it would be better to stick to explicit std:: throughout the project (explicit is better than implicit)

Some files where these "usings"s are found (it is a short list, there are many more of them):
internal/ceres/visibility_test.cc:45:using std::set;
internal/ceres/visibility_test.cc:46:using std::vector;
internal/ceres/cost_function_to_functor_test.cc:43:using std::vector;
internal/ceres/low_rank_inverse_hessian.cc:40:using std::list;
internal/ceres/residual_block_test.cc:43:using std::vector;

* I observe typedefs for defining type aliases. It seems to me that they should be replaced with more clear "using A = B" statements

If there are no objections I can fix both these issues since I am right now can spent some time moving changes from my local ceres repo to the main one

Sameer Agarwal

Jan 9, 2023, 9:07:57 AMJan 9
to ceres-...@googlegroups.com
These are mostly historical artifacts from earlier versions of the code inside google. as for typedefs they are basically a c++98 artifact which have not been updated. I am happy to accept a change that fixes both of these.

Thank you,

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