Update code using deprecated Eigen::BDCSVD constructor in compliance with the newest Eigen.

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Jan 30, 2024, 9:49:52 PMJan 30
to Ceres Solver
Hi, I compiled the master branch of ceres-solver with the current master branch of eigen.
And I get this warning:
../3rd/ceres-solver/internal/ceres/covariance_impl.cc: In member function ‘bool ceres::internal::CovarianceImpl::ComputeCovarianceValuesUsingDenseSVD()’:
../3rd/ceres-solver/internal/ceres/covariance_impl.cc:727:70: warning: ‘Eigen::BDCSVD<MatrixType, Options>::BDCSVD(const MatrixType&, unsigned int) [with MatrixType_ = Eigen::Matrix<double, -1, -1, 1>; int Options_ = 0; MatrixType = Eigen::Matrix<double, -1, -1, 1>]’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
  727 |                             Eigen::ComputeThinU | Eigen::ComputeThinV);
      |                                                                      ^
In file included from ../3rd/eigen/Eigen/SVD:40,
                 from ../3rd/ceres-solver/internal/ceres/covariance_impl.cc:42:
../3rd/eigen/Eigen/src/SVD/BDCSVD.h:202:20: note: declared here
  202 |   EIGEN_DEPRECATED BDCSVD(const MatrixType& matrix, unsigned int computationOptions) : m_algoswap(16), m_numIters(0) {

Then I check the deprecated list of eigen.
link: https://eigen.tuxfamily.org/dox/deprecated.html

Current usage of BDCSVD constructor is deprecated and will be removed in the next major eigen version.

Code under `internal/ceres/covariance_impl.cc line:726`
  Eigen::BDCSVD<Matrix> svd(dense_jacobian,
                            Eigen::ComputeThinU | Eigen::ComputeThinV);
should be changed to
  Eigen::BDCSVD<Matrix, Eigen::ComputeThinU | Eigen::ComputeThinV> svd(

I would like to open a pull request on GitHub for this. Do you have any suggestions?

Sameer Agarwal

Jan 30, 2024, 10:10:50 PMJan 30
to ceres-...@googlegroups.com
That would be great, please use the instructions at http://ceres-solver.org/contributing.html


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