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Jeff H

Apr 11, 2011, 10:41:27 PM4/11/11
Thanks you to everyone who attended the meeting on April 4th. Notes below and more follow up soon. The notes are attached to the email as well.

Community Meeting for CVS Plan 4/3/2011

On Sunday, April 3, 2011, approximately 40 people attended the meeting to discuss the proposed CVS plan for the corners of Weaver and Greensboro Street. A brief summary of themes and committees are described below and a longer list of brainstorm ideas is included as well.

Several themes emerged from the meeting including:

§  Creating a Positive Vision

§  Addressing Traffic and Scale

§  Project Feasibility

§  Gaining Support from the Alderman

§  Increasing Community Awareness

§  More details and comments are provided in the attachment.


People signed up for different committees to:

§  Write letters to the Alderman

§  Attend Public Hearing

§  Flyers

§  Circulate a Petition

§  Put up signs in the neighborhood

***We will be following up this week with people who signed up for various tasks to give the more information so you can complete the task. If you didn’t sign up and want to help us with the tasks below please email:

Many people in attendance asked about whether or not the group organizing the meeting is against CVS.  We want to emphasize from the beginning that we are not an anti-development group; in fact, we would support the right type of development for this corner of our town, but the proposed CVS is not right for this location.  As stated by the developer, the CVS drugstore currently located next to Harris Teeter is the second highest volume CVS in the state and operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week.  We are opposed to this proposal which would be adjacent to the historic downtown neighborhoods for the following reasons:  Traffic volume and congestion increase at an already dangerous intersection of downtown, traffic increase into the surrounding neighborhoods on Center Street, Weaver Street, and Oak Avenue, Pedestrian safety, and 24-Hour noise and light pollution from the CVS.

We’ll continue to update the community via the listserve and the

If you are interested in being on the listserve please email

Brainstorming Notes from Small Groups

Describing a positive vision…

“Need to construct a desired future.”

“Need to say what we’re for, not just what we’re against.”

“It’s easy to judge a specific proposal and know whether you like it.  It’s harder to be so specific about a positive vision since there are many alternatives that would work.”

“Would other developers do a preliminary design that includes economic model of development?”

“We need a clear proposal.  Will it be what we want OR what we could work with with CVS?”

“Could the library happen here instead of CVS?”

Need to address the parking problem downtown for multiple businesses beyond this development.  Solving parking for CVS does not solve the larger problem of downtown parking.

“A drugstore that you don’t have to cross N. Greensboro for would be a plus, but a small pharmacy (without all the retail) would be enough.”

“An independent pharmacy would be nice.”

"Do big trucks need to come all the way into town, or could they unload on the periphery, with the goods coming into town in electric vehicles or peddle vehicles?"

Fleet feet is interested in space and if they got it their business wouldn’t be 24 hours however they would need more space building up, smaller parking lot. They have the capital and interest and need to move sooner than later.

Wish for it to stay like it is.

3 story building with small shops that are compatible with each other and neighborhood.

Communal office space


Public/Private Partnership-business and something with town


Traffic and scale…

“Scale is a big issue – Having a commercial est. there with some parking works up to a certain scale but the CVS plan goes too far.”

“Traffic will definitely be a big issue for this site.  It will be an issue regardless of what sort of development is done there, but there could be development that would incite fewer traffic problems.”

Could we ask for decreased parking spaces from the town.

Could we ask alderman to change parking requirements for this project.


If it’s built, will it work?

“I never go to CVS without also going to Harris Teeter.  If Harris Teeter had a Pharmacy, the CVS across the street might not do so well.”

“The office space may not be successful.  There is no shortage of office space in Carrboro and it’s hard to keep it full.”

“You can’t go backwards.  Once the building is built, we’ll be stuck with it even if the CVS fails.”

 “Determine what the actual “fall” (slope) of the lot is, and how that might affect viability of the proposed design.”

Follow up with the Alderman

 “Identify what the real tax difference would be to the town between existing and proposed development.”

 “Ask the Alderman: Is this plan good or bad for the health, welfare, and safety of our community?” (e.g. high volume retail, 69 parking spaces, bright lighting, 24 hour, huge delivery trucks, and increase traffic in an already dangerous intersection)

“Alderman/town could ask for Center Street to be protected—need sidewalks, 15 foot tight-of-way, good size trees and masonry wall as buffer.”

“Organize and attend zoning and planning hearings.  Approach members of these committees with ideas and rationales for supporting a neighborhood friendly approach.”

“Become more knowledgeable about zoning ordinances/regulations.”

“Are there non-official planning groups that carry weight with the town that we could get on our side?”

 “Orange Politics is a good blog for coverage of this issue.”

Let alderman know we are losing two business-Debra Seaton and Hair Shop-how does that impact tax base?


Getting the word out…

“People don’t know enough about what’s going on.  People ask all the time why does CVS want to move?”

“It would be good to send out a mailing to the citizens of Carrboro about this so everyone knows what’s going on.”

“How about bumper stickers? We could pass them out when passing out flyers, at the farmers’ market, etc.”

Other ideas

 “What about pressuring HT to renew the lease with CVS?”

Aggregate what they paid for the property. 


Final Notes Organizing Meeting 04-04-11
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