Public hearing still set for Tues 2/26 (CVS still asking for last minute delays)

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Center Of Carrboro

Feb 24, 2013, 10:38:49 AM2/24/13

1.) Chapel Hill News Front page article

2.) CVS has requested a 3rd delay in the public hearing.  These delays can confuse the public

3.) The Public hearing is still set for 2/26.  Please come to the hearing.  Email the Aldermen and request that they open the public hearing.

4.) Come to the Center St neighborhood party today 12-4PM!!
Todays Chapel Hill News has a front page article about the 2/26 CVS public hearing:

The public has been notified about the hearing through official Carrboro signs, radio, emails, newspapers and blogs. 

On Friday 2/22 at about 4:20PM, CVS emailed the town to ask for another delay:
See the end of this email chain from Town of Carrboro's media list-serv:

 This is the 3rd time CVS has requested a delay:

The original public hearing was scheduled for last year, March 27, 2012.  CVS requested to delay the hearing until April 17, 2012.  In late March, 2012 CVS requested the hearing to be delayed indefinitely.  Now the public hearing is set for February 26, 2013 at 7:30PM. 

 The Board of Aldermen will vote on whether to grant another delay on Tues.  It is really too late to delay this again and this is confusing to the public.

 Please come to the hearing on Tues 2/26 and ask to speak about the CVS rezoning.

The Board of Aldermen have denied these requests for delays in the past.  For example, on Sept. 25th 2012, the Aldermen voted to hold a public hearing to rezone the property that Family Dollar was trying to build a store on.  There was a request by the property owners to delay the hearing.  The Aldermen opted not to delay that hearing.

 Email the Aldermen and ask them not to delay the public hearing.
-this has been going on for over 2 years, it is now time to have a hearing
-this is the third delay requested
-this is confusing to the public

 Aldermen contacts are here:

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