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Dana Brooks

Oct 22, 2018, 6:09:24 PM10/22/18
to ce...@googlegroups.com

Hi all:

This email contains brief updates on CEI activities, specifically on our 5 current workgroups and as well as a few other updates coming out of our meetings at last month's Computing in Cardiology conference.

Specifically we want to draw your attention to workgroup activities which are looking for more participation from the CEI community. See below for details.

Beyond the specifics below, as always we are looking for input and ideas from all of you and, especially, for anyone interested in joining us in actively working with us on CEI activities.

For example

1) we would love to have a few volunteers to help maintain our CEI website (http://www.ecg-imaging.org/),

2) we are always happy to have more active participants in organizing workgroup activities,

3) we would love to hear any ideas about potential funding sources, and

4) we are always interested in expanding the data available on EDGAR (details on our CEI webpage at http://www.ecg-imaging.org/data-archive, EDGAR data directly available from http://edgar.sci.utah.edu/), etc.

For the CEI Exec, respectfully yours,

Dana Brooks

Northeastern University, Boston MA USA


Some post-CinC CEI updates:

- we formed a new subcommittee looking at increasing our interaction with clinicians: of course let us know if you have suggestions or interest in participating

- we are investigating the possibility of developing an open software framework to more easily allow the CEI community to leverage, and compare, the algorithms coming out of our collaborative workgroup efforts

- we are working with representatives from EP Solutions who have offered to investigate providing the CEI community both some sort of access to their validation software system and also a few selected datasets from their archives

- we are planning the next CEI meeting, perhaps in a somewhat expanded format, in conjunction with the FIMH 2019 meeting this June in Bordeaux France.

More detail is coming on all these initiatives as plans develop.



1. Model Building

We are trying to extend the study presented at CinC (paper in process) of the effect of segmentation variation on inverse calculation to include forward model simulations and more datasets.  We would love to have more contributions; to contribute your group's segmentations of the three datasets to be  included in this study, submit them through the Covalic website, by Jan. 1  

Contact: Jess Tate, CIBC and SCI Institute, je...@sci.utah.edu

2. Activation and Recovery Time Workgroup (ART)

A Covalic challenge with simulated datasets is available (https://challenge.kitware.com/#challenge/5b44770756357d05219fa8e3). The deadline for submissions to the current Phase 1 is December, 1st. If you are interested in this workgroup, please sign up in the following Doodle to help us find a date for the next workgroup meeting: https://doodle.com/poll/fdwk7gqsrac85n8w

Contact: Steffen Schuler, steffen...@kit.edu

3. Pacing Site Localization Workgroup


Participants can download ECG data from the Covalic website (below) and upload their inverse solutions here. Inverse solutions can be uploaded in the form of (epi/endo/myo)cardial potentials, activation times, and/or co-ordinates of origin of excitation. Results will be automatically scored. After considerable work we have been able to handle  multiple solutions by the same participants uploaded at the same time, so don't hesistate to try different approaches. We are performing a preliminary analysis on the submitted solutions, but we are eagerly seeking more submissions with a goal to carry out more detailed analysis and publish the findings as a group in a journal article. If you are interested in participating, please do so by Dec 31, 2018.


Website: https://challenge.kitware.com/#challenge/573f26a5cad3a51cc63466ba



Sandesh Ghimire,  Rochester Institute of Technology,  sandesh...@mail.rit.edu

Jaume Coll-Font, Computational Radiology Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital, jcol...@gmail.com


 4. Pre-processing Workgroup

The pre-processing workgroup has developed a pipeline of different body surface signal processing methods and evaluation methods based on their inverse reconstructions. We  have completed one data set, and are finalizing the processing for a second data set now with the goal of having a manuscript drafted and ready for submission by the end of the year ( Journal TBD). 

Data/Information needed (Deadline 30th November)
We are trying to gather a comprehensive list of all pre-processing approaches for electrical data in ECGI to include in our processing pipeline. Thus, we would appreciate if you could send us links to publications describing your approaches and, if possible, to the software you use. We will post the literature list and the software through the CEI website for everyone to see.

Contact: Laura Bear, IHU LYRIC, Laura...@ihu-liryc.fr

5. Atrial Fibrillation

We are working on two main topics:

(1)    A web-based platform to test different ventricular activity cancellation methods for surface ECG. The platform is functional already and will be open to Consortium members to test different algorithms. Expected output will be a joint publication.

(2)    Consensus on metrics for validation of the existence of atrial sources. We have a working document and will finish it before the end of the year.

Contact: Miguel Rodrigo ITACA Universitat Politècnica de València, miro...@gmail.com

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