CEI closing meeting during CinC - minutes

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Cluitmans, Matthijs (CARDIO)

Sep 26, 2018, 12:25:06 PM9/26/18
to Cluitmans, Matthijs (CARDIO), ce...@googlegroups.com, CEI-exec
Dear CEI member,

Please find the closing meeting notes below. Note the request (and deadline!) for multiple working group submissions!


Forward modeling workgroup (Jess)
Needs more submission; they set the deadline for the end of this year. Deadline 31 Dec.

Signal preprocessing (Laura)
Goal to finalize a first paper for the end of the year. Everybody still welcome to join!
They will ask input from all teams on which preprocessing tools they used, as to make sure that all possible preprocessing approaches are available for a thorough analysis.

PVC localization (Sandesh)
Also in need for more submissions. Deadline 31 Dec. (1 Dec for Matthijs...)
Looking for the best way to analyze the data (e.g., endo vs epi, metrics). Need consensus on these metrics.
Sandesh will plan regular meetings.

Activation and recovery time estimation group (Steffen)
Covalic data now only have white gaussian noise but will be updated with "fractionated/far-field" noise (Steffen).
Next steps then include adding heterogeneities (both to conduction velocities and APD), partially based on literature.

Cross-over workgroup (Eelco)
New working group proposes a tool that extends the functionality of SciRun towards Matlab or Python scripts; to support the other working groups.
One current issue is that there is no preprocessing tool in SciRun currently; Pfeifer would be useful but needs to be integrated (time consuming).
Then use SciRun to "build" the projects on working group needs.
Github may be the most logical place to create these new projects and modules.
The forward modeling group is going to experiment with this setup.

Report back from meeting CEI with EP Solutions (Dana)
1) EP Solutions has a validation platform both on database and algorithm level. They may share this for development/collaboration with academia. Many points still open.
2) EP Solutions may donate data to EDGAR. Human data.
Overall very positive meeting.

Tasks for the CEI Exec
1) Involving clinicians "clinical relationships officer" (Laura, Andreu, Matthijs)
2) More exposure at clinical meetings: E-Cardiology (become a member!), HRS, ...
3) Cross-working groups, e.g., common development/testing environment (SciRun)
4) Funding for collaboration and meetings, e.g. European funding.
    a) Large collaborative funds for scientific purposes (Leduq, Marie Curie, Cordis, Cost)
    b) CEI support funds (EDGAR, meetings)
5) Meeting venue: still CinC, or also other locations? (Esp. with CinC in Singapore)
    a) E.g. FIMH in Bordeaux
    b) ISCE session, topic "added value of anatomy to ECG", Peter is looking for more speakers
6) Literature output by CEI or in the field of ECGI is now collected on the CEI website -> how to organize? Excel, Mendeley, ...

How do we want to continue these meetings? (Jess)
Many options, but a satellite event to FIMH seems interesting. The advantage of such a meeting would be more dedicated time then the current short time slots during conferences. Such a meeting could focus on software development, collaboration, ...
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