Can you update the CEI Webpage with your related publications?

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Rob MacLeod

Jun 29, 2019, 4:02:20 PM6/29/19
Dear CEI-ers,

As some of you know, Dana, Linwei, and I are assembling several proposals to help fund future CEI activities and we need your help.  

If I look at the Consortium web site, I find a nice collection of our publications listed at

However, this list is getting old and we really need you to help us update it.  I am thinking here of all the Computing in Cardiology publications, other conference abstracts, and the journal articles that are starting to come out.  Anything that uses EDGAR or comes from our interactions at conferences and workshops is definitely a good candidate for inclusion.  When in doubt, please include it and we can always cull as needed. 

From a practical side, can those who have edit access to the web site help with posting this content?

Those who do not have editing access, can you please post your articles on the ECGI group list under this forum (!forum/cecgi), ideally with a pdf that we can attach.: 

If you get stuck, just send them via email to  and we will figure out how to handle them.


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