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Jaume Coll-Font

Sep 30, 2018, 1:50:00 PM9/30/18
Dear CEI members,

Welcome back to your respective homes after a very productive CinC!

I am writing on behalf of the pre-processing workgroup to ask for your help.
We are trying to gather a comprehensive list of the all pre-processing approaches for electrical data in ECGI.

The work that Laura, Yesim and Jana presented at CinC showed substantial changes in the inverse solutions after applying different pre-processing methods.
These results made us think that it would be beneficial to gather a comprehensive list of all pre-processing pipelines in ECGI.
Thus, we would appreciate if you could send us links to publications describing your approaches and, if possible, to the software you use.
We will post the literature list and the software through the CEI website for everyone to see.

Thank you very much for your help!

As usual, all the efforts of CEI are meant to be collaborative and open. If you are interested in joining the pre-processing workgroup, please email me and Laura Bear <> and ask for details.

Jaume Coll-Font

Postdoctoral Fellow
Computational radiology Laboratory,
Boston Children's Hospital, Boston (MA)
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