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Émilie Pagé-Perron

Jun 14, 2023, 6:01:27 AMJun 14
to Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) - Technical

Dear all,

Please see below for a non-exhaustive list of recent changes applied to the CDLI website since March 8th.

Most of the changes in the last months are not visible in the interface but have made the cdli framework run generally more smoothly. The main focus was on improving search, artifact updates, and the management of publications.

Otherwise, here is a list of other changes:  

  • the year names site by Civil is available again, and same for the Ur III months spreadsheets. Those pages are hosted on GitHub but we provide a link at under “references”

  • the whole workflow for preparing image annotations, submitting them, and displaying them has been enhanced and is now fully functional; further fixes and enhanced usability will be implemented this summer

  • CDLI tablet web version now displays the index and the contributions

  • indexes for most entities have been revised with more items per page and a search function a the top (eg

  • CDL journals publication pipeline has been improved

  • multiple fixes regarding redirecting UCLA links to the new framework; most links, including complex search queries almost all redirect to their equivalent on the new framework

  • finally added the cookie notification bar (sorry for the annoyance)

  • a bit more documentation has been written, see 

  • the API was timing out, we are still on this issue but it is close to resolved and rarely times out now; the API client also was updated


  • Bram Jagersma has cleaned a large proportion of publications and their links to artifacts (not reflected in the credits)

  • Nils Melin Kronsell has added numerous new authors and cleaned up the journals list (not reflected in the credits)

  • many thousands of contributions have been recorded since March, mostly by Jacob Dahl, Bram Jagersma, Richard Firth, Rune Rattenborg, Bertrand Lafont, Jalil Bakhtiari, and myself for material prepared by varied authors and ourselves examples:

    • Rune Rattenborg has now pushed our number of links between artifacts and external resources (eg. ORACC projects) to 329 970 and many more are in preparation

    • Composite seals have been created for all seal numbers in use so they will now come up more easily in search and erroneous seal impression links have been cleaned

    • Nisaba 33 duplicate entries have been retired and redirected to their older counterpart

    • many new atf and catalogue entries,

    • many atf and catalogue corrections...

New known issues:

  • the diff one can see when looking at revisions after submitting artifact updates is not accurate (the one showing before submitting is!), this should be fixed in the next 7 days

I have created a separate mailing list for user mutual aid/peer support where anyone can post their questions or issues and where anyone can answer or help as they like. Posts are public so anyone not a member searching for help on the internet will be able to see how similar issues to which they are facing were addressed.

To join: 

All best,





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