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Émilie Pagé-Perron

Nov 10, 2022, 7:30:50 AM11/10/22
to Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) - Technical

Dear all,

I will update the cdli site today with an important set of upgrades. Please expect (major) issues on the site during the day (hopefully no more than 1-2 hours) as I apply the changes. I appreciate your patience. 

We now have a seals portal!

You can find a link in the top right menu under "resources". Thanks to Aditi. To improve the experience of visitors when looking at physical seal entries, we also have changed the display of the single artifact page when the artifact is a physical seal. The photo display now takes the width of the screen and the summary information reflects information that is more pertinent when looking at seals. Thanks to Aditi and Lars.

Regarding other visual assets improvements: Lars has revamped the display of visual assets thumbnails and the underlying infrastructure for all artifacts so we have a good base to work on for admins to have more control over the visual assets. The thumbnails are now displayed in a more practical and aesthetic manner too! Most visual assets will not see their metadata displayed (just the image metadata, not the artifact metadata). We are planning on an upgrade to re-index already indexed images which will resolve this. We could not index images from scratch as the process would have left the site without image display for days. 

Aditi and Lars have prepared the “reader” page, where you can see the artifact image in a viewer that lets you pan and zoom in, with the option of seeing the text side by side. You can click on a link if you want to simply open the bare photo if you prefer. One known issue in the new reader page is that low-resolution images cannot be zoomed back down, we are looking into this. We will also improve on the design of that page but we have focused on functionality for now. Please note that it is possible to rotate the image which was a feature some of our users had asked for. The reader page also handles rti surfaces and 3d models. As of now, we are waiting on adding 3d models for our visual assets credits system to be in place. We will notify everyone when there are some models to show.

Aditi has implemented a system for us to be able to display image annotations. We will not insert annotations during this update but we will notify you with examples as soon as some become available. We will also provide documentation on how to produce annotations for those who would like to annotate CDLI images with signs, seal motifs, surfaces, breaks, seal impressions, or any other information of interest. Annotating the photos is done externally and the annotations produced are then imported into cdli by an administrator. 

Aditi has also prepared an extension to cdli relative to physical seals. We can now display chemical data associated with seals. As for the visual annotations, we will send wider-reaching communication with examples for you to look at when available. 

The documentation regarding file formats to send an administrator for adding / editing / removing seal chemistry information and calibration data will be ready in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can address your questions regarding data formats to Jacob Dahl. 

We are still using the same ATF checker but now it does tell us the line when there is a problem, but not what the problem is. We also found that it does not accept ($ structure info $) comments so to avoid being blocked in submitting texts, please use the general comments “#” on the following line eg “# firing hole in the line above”. 

Administrators can now add /edit /delete calibration data, artifact chemistry data, and featured seal data (for the seals home page). They can also add and delete image annotations.  

Small changes:

  • The http://localhost:2354/terms-of-use should be working after the update as it works when testing locally. (Lars?)

  • Text and catalogue update diff pages now show the credits too, not just the name of the person contributing the change. (EPP)

  • Issues on the single artifact type view are fixed (EPP)

The next important update will address the majority of the issues faced using search.

All best,


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