Oracle announces Plan B for Java

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Anthony DeBonis

Dec 1, 2010, 11:48:36 AM12/1/10
to Capital District Java Developer's Network

The Java language has continued to evolve over the years, adding
features such as Generics. There's an ambitious wishlist of things
that developers would like to see in Java 7, but apparently not enough
time to do it all and still get a timely release out. As a result, the
JCP has decided to forego some of the goodies until Java 8, which is
not expected to grace the world until late 2012.

As a recovering LISP-head, the item on the deferred list that catches
my eye the most is Lambda expressions/closures. With even relatively
"primitive: languages such as Objective-C starting to adopt these
structures in the form of Blocks, Java is already behind the curve in
this regard. It's a shame it will have to wait another year.

No word if Java Plan B will require a doctor's prescription, or be
available to developers under 18 without a note from their parent.

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