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Everett Batey

May 1, 2011, 1:12:31 PM5/1/11
to Crisis Camp Southern California
If you missed the CCommons Call out -- Alabama Effort
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Date: Sun, May 1, 2011 at 8:46 AM
Subject: [CrisisCommons] 8PM EST - Conference Call - Project Request from Alabama Emergency Operations Center - Categorization of Tweets
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Let's have a conference call at 8PM EST today with anyone who wants to participate! 

We would like to form a core Crisis Action Team (CAT) with leads from the organizations participating who will shape the workflow and strategic direction of engagement before we all jump in. Just want to see what's happening in the area, check out the sitreps, see who else is doing what (thanks HR for the update on this) and see how this will fit in. 

We will need several project managers, documentation folks, GIS and Mappers and lots of searchers. Need some people who can be Skype coordinators and After Action researchers. 

Thanks GISCorps and Humanity Road are both in for the project. Let us know who else is working as well.

Also wanted to correct the below, American Red Cross just connected us to the project, this is for the Alabama Emergency Operations Center. They want to see what we can do. 

So lets get on a coordination conference call tonight at 8PM EST. We will have daily conference calls for one week to ensure coordination, lessons learned and understanding of next steps. We will initially commit to one week for this project and revisit status next Sunday. 

Talk to you at 8pm tonight! 

Call in number:  (619) 276-6333 (If outside the US, find your dial in number here: http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/wiki/Telephone_Bridge
Pin: 411911

Coordination Doc:


On May 1, 2011, at 10:20 AM, Christine Thompson wrote:

Humanity Road - We’re in.  I think we would like to help with development of a recommendation of a way ahead.  After that, we may be able to also assist with implementation (i.e; volunteer onboarding, geop tracking the VOADs).  Let’s take it a step at a time.   Let us know how/when you wish to meet today.  We have about 6 trained volunteer resources already working.  Here is a list of our current work activities, preliminary findings and recommendations in order to give an update to EOC as quickly as possible, we recommend:    
1)      Use the tools already created to get a quick overview into the Alabama EOC
a.       Upgrade the Alabama Crowdmap to Ushahidi and add categories
b.      Use Tweak the Tweet feed to update Crowdmap
c.       Use University of Alabama map to update the Crowdmap
d.      Use volunteer team to start media monitoring to add updates from multimedia
e.      Use Geop.com tool to start tracking VOADs at a macro level for EOC
f.        Organize/collapse the maps – state/city do we need both? Are they interoperable?
Existing Map Information below.
ALABAMA: We are working with Tuscaloosa News to update and upgrade the existing Alabama crowdmap hosted by Tuscaloosa News at http://alabamastorm.crowdmap.com/reports/submit .  It needs to be upgraded to a Ushahidi instance and Tuscaloosa News has provide us Admin access.   [Lead:  Chris Thompson Humanity Road and Chris Rattey www.tuscaloosanews.com ]
TUSCALOOSA: Alabama University also put up a map and is managing many requests for Tuscaloosa at http://cw.ua.edu/2011/04/30/map-of-tornado-damage-and-volunteer-opportunities/  (Leads: Crimson White newspaper – (Leads: @marionNicole, @JMHedrick, @Artlifefreedom, @weslelyVaughn)
ALL STATES: Humanity Road is working with Steven Longmire from EM Connection and Nicholas Bartlett with www.GEoop.com  who put up the New Zealand tool that organized 15,000 volunteers in 2 days.  They coded a a volunteer management tool at http://www.geoop.com/tornado-volunteer.php and http://www.geoop.com/tornado-help.php specifically for the tornado outbreak.  They coded it for all impacted states and it  can integrate with the Crowdmap to manage non-life threatening requests for volunteer assistance.   We would like to integrate the existing COAD/VOADs on the ground into the map from an EOC perspective since the volunteers have their hands full managing their local efforts.  This would give EOC an overall volunteer view.  (Leads:  Nicholas Bartlett, Steven Longmire).
Kate Starbird put up a TtT instance and it has already collected some information on
[Lead: Kate Starbird, EPIC Colorado]
Christine Thompson
President, Humanity Road, Inc.
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Skype or Twitter: Redcrossmom
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From: Cat Graham [mailto:peacefu...@humanityroad.org] 
Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2011 08:51
To: 'Christine Thompson'
Subject: FW: Project Request from Alabama Emergency Operations Center - Categorization of Tweets
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From: Heather Blanchard [mailto:hea...@crisiscommons.org] 
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2011 11:03 PM
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Subject: Project Request from Alabama Emergency Operations Center - Categorization of Tweets
Greetings Commons community and friends at Humanity Road, Standby Taskforce, Crisismappers, Geeks without Bounds, GISCorps:
We just received a project request and preliminary scope from the American Red Cross for the Alabama Emergency Operations Center. I have posted it on the wiki: http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/wiki/April_Tornados
Here is quick snapshot. 
Looks like potentially we will need a volunteer team to explore the initial requirements and create a recommendation on a way ahead. 
We need a second volunteer team to coordinate the implementation. 
Folks expertise:
- Project managers
- Volunteer onboarding and coordination
- Training
- Documentation/Status/Blog
- After Action Reporter 
- Status Update Cat Herder
- People who sort Tweets
- People who can map the dots (on whatever platform the recommendations are selected)
Initial Project Requirements:

§  Twitter Data Categorization

§  Requestor: Alabama Emergency Operations Center via American Red Cross

§  CrisisCommons POC: Heather Blanchard, hea...@crisiscommons.org

§  Volunteer to help!

§  Description from the EOC: The information volume of information was overwhelming to folks before we added this. We can make this useful for decision makers, but I think we need to interpret the data for them a little bit. We would like to get to work on categorizing the tweets by need- food, water, baby items, hygiene, clean up supplies,sanitation and general. After the data is catagorized we can sort it by county. This may also be helpful for our folks who are planning service delivery too.

In brainstorming the EOC is looking for the information in two formats. First, a map with color coded dots indicating the categories needs that have been reported. Second, we should have a spreadsheet with drop down menus with the categories of assistance that is being requested.
Based on what we have already received and what we can expect in the future categories could be:

§  Life Safety

§  Sanitation

§  Water

§  Food

§  Shelter

§  Hygiene

§  General

§  Debris Removal*

§  Housing/ Roof Repair*


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