CCNet port to .NEt core

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Ruben Willems

Jun 5, 2019, 9:52:32 AM6/5/19
to ccnet-devel
Hi all

I'm trying to port CCNet to .NEt Core.
Stuff done so far :
° netreflector + tests
° CCNet
      * Objection + tests
      * Remote (dropped the remoting part because that does not exist in .Net Core)

Now the problem starts with the tests, because we used various mocking libraries
through the years :-(

Questions :
° should we still use mocking libraries, or do we write our own fakes ?
      this ensures that we do not have this problem again in the future,
      but it can be a lot of work
° if we use a mocking library, which one?
      the only one I could find after a quick search was : MOQ
       I never used it though
     --> learning this library can also be a lot of work

any preferences ?

any second thoughts, suggestions

with kind regards
Ruben Willems

Benjamin Baumann

Jun 5, 2019, 1:14:40 PM6/5/19

I am not active at all in CCnet initiative but I am using extensively Moq at work and find it very easy to use. It does the job perfectly.

Several limitations though :
- you can only mock interfaces or virtual/abstract methods
- moq struggles to handle optional arguments. Some extension methods (easily found on the net) are needed to make it work.

Hope this helps


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Ruben Willems

Jun 5, 2019, 2:10:47 PM6/5/19
to ccnet-devel

thanks for the info,
as far  as I can see for now, those limitations I'm not going to encounter.
so I'll give it a shot.


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