bitcoin, cash and cclite: cut and paste from an off-list thread...

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Hugh Barnard

Dec 17, 2010, 6:47:21 AM12/17/10
Hi Xavi, folks

Here's the starting point for where bitcoin would probably interact with cclite:

Best regards Hugh

On 16 December 2010 23:45, Xavi de Pedro  wrote:
Ok, Thanks for the info, Hugh!
You seem to be aware of everything which is around this topic! (Good!)
Cheers + Peace and love back to you also.

Al 15/12/10 10:57, En/na Hugh Barnard ha escrit: Hi Xavi, folks

Yes, I'm aware of bitcoin, it's based on lapsed patents from David Chaum. Actually I've been looking around a little at how to blend 'cash' into the mix, hence the 'cash' transactions in recent versions. The 'cash' transactions currently would only deal with physical currency though, I added it to deal with non-LETs local currencies.

I have looked at a bitcoin interface, but maybe someone would like to do that?

Peace and love, it's the end of the year, best regards Hugh

On 13 December 2010 13:20, Xavier de Pedro  wrote:
Thanks, Marc, very interesting!

@Vicente, did you know this Bitcoin system?

Why did you started a new decentralized one based on google wave? (what this bitcoin system was missing?)

@Hugh: any chance to allow using bitcoins from cclite powered sites in the future? Or the other way around, to use cclite currency from decentralized systems such as bitcoin? (or am I talking about impossible things from the nature if their respective design???)



On 13/12/10 00:15, Marc Laporte wrote:

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