cclite 0.8 and Safari?

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Jonny Bradley

Nov 29, 2010, 10:04:03 AM11/29/10

Hi Hugh and all

I'm finally getting back to some cclite/tiki work and am finding i can't login to cclite using Safari (latest version 5.0.3 on Mac OS)

Seem only the userLogin cookie is getting set, so it says "Log off manager" in the top right, but just displays the login form again and again.

Not an insurmountable problem as Firefox and Chrome seem to work fine (odd that Chrome is ok) but just thought i should report it... (sorry, i can't see why this might be - have deleted all my cookies, cleared caches etc but no joy - there is a JS error: "Can't find variable: AjaxUpload" and a 404 on cgi-bin/images/loadingAnimation.gif but that shouldn't stop me logging in, afaics)


jonny B

Hugh Barnard

Nov 30, 2010, 7:32:10 AM11/30/10
Hi Jonny

Sorry about this, I haven't tried with Safari and, indeed, most of the testing has been Firefox. I'm not sure whether, for example, there's some kind proxying that can be used to see the interaction in detail.

But I haven't got Windows [though I'm getting a lent one back, in a moment] or a Mac here. Please stick it into the sourceforge issues list, if it persists.

Best regards Hugh

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Xavier de Pedro

Dec 1, 2010, 4:53:48 AM12/1/10
to, Hugh Barnard
Hi Hugh:

In case you want to play with Safari, IE7, ... under GNU/Linux, you can install them by means of the "PlayOnLinux" application, which allows you to install them on Debian-based Gnu/Linux distributions, as far as I know. (I have them working on Ubuntu this way)


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