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Welcome to the CCCOER Community Email, a public discussion list intended for community college faculty, librarians, instructional designers, administrators, and other educators who are interested in open education policy, practices, and resources. It serves three main purposes:

  • A listserv to share ideas, resources, and best practices pertaining to OER.
  • A communication channel for sharing events and professional development opportunities for OER adoption at community colleges.
  • A source of key updates about policy, research, projects, and other news from the broader OER movement.

The group is administered by CCCOER and is moderated to ensure that the focus remains on open education.  Current moderator: Una Daly, Director of CCCOER.  Guidelines for posting include:

  • Posts to the list should fall within one or more of the three categories above.
  • Cross-posting is discouraged. If you wish to share a post from another listserv, please forward it and add a note explaining the relevance to this list.
  • When starting a new post, choose a clear and concise subject line that describes the topic.
  • When replying to posts, please only respond to the group if the response is relevant to the group. Otherwise, respond to the sender.
  • Generally speaking, posts should deal with one topic at a time.
  • If you are seeking some sort of general information, such as how to discuss OER issues with a bookstore manager, volunteer to gather all the responses, recommend that others contact you directly, and then summarize the responses for the list. This will help keep list traffic more manageable.
  • Include an email signature with your institutional/organizational affiliation so that others know who you are (especially for new posters).

Posts that do not meet the guidelines will be returned to the sender for corrections at the moderators' discretion.