Wall mount NFC reader recommendation

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Billy Croan

Oct 13, 2021, 4:52:09 PM10/13/21
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I'm building a door access control system, and I'm looking for a component recommendation.

I need a wallmount NFC reader that can also read rfid cards, has a key pad, and an indicator, possibly a screen of some sort.

By NFC, I mean it can read the "default ID" of Android phones.

It would be great if it's PoE.  Indoor location.  Doesn't have to be resistant to sledge hammers out rain.  Include a camera, and/or a qr capable bar code scanner and I'm really happy.

I already have authentication working with an https url that I can hit from my phone just fine, but I want to provide options in case someone doesn't have a phone (locks their phone inside).

What local stores sell that kind of stuff?

Have you had good experiences within a particular model before?

Part of me wants to just use a cheap but presentable phone glued to the wall.  But that does sound like quite an invitation for theft.  I just feel like it would be quite a time investment to write a custom ap for this.

They're actually going to think of it I don't think Android phones can read old (cheap) RFID cards.  Must be a different frequency.

Bob Brown - WØNQX

Oct 13, 2021, 5:22:33 PM10/13/21
to cc...@googlegroups.com
Hi Bill

Amazon has a load of entries for what you'r looking for.

is just for starters... google is your friend here and so is Amazon

Good Luck!

Thanks in Advance

   Bob, WØNQX

   Kansas City Metro Area
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