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Apr 11, 2017, 9:24:37 PM4/11/17
to CATS API v3
Hi There,

In order to pull all candidates from CATS, I've been using a loop with varying pages, starting from page 1, and I've been using Google Apps Script to pull data and add them to a Google Sheet.

I've been getting errors for random pages, I've been testing this using Terminal and Curl as the response error on Google Apps Script was not helpful.

Not Working:


I've been doing random spot checks as it is time consuming iterating through pages 

With "page=1" I receive nothing on Terminal, however with "page=2" I get the data with the 100 candidates on page 2 as expected.

Could you please look into this?


Anthony Allan

Apr 12, 2017, 12:42:53 PM4/12/17
to CATS API v3
Hey Michael,

So I took a look at your data, and it looks like you have close to the maximum amount of possible data on each of your candidates (pulling a page of 100 of them results in around 200000 lines of json). At the very high ends, we are having a hard time serving that massive amount of data. To get around this, your best be right now is to scale down the size of the pages you are using. After some testing on your data, doing pages of 50 records each seems to be completely safe and not result in any timeouts. Let me know if that works out for you.

We are looking to add the ability to specify what things you want embedded in calls. This will allow you to trim out things you don't need in a given call, like attachments or activities. There is no ETA on this feature yet, but once it is out, it should allow you to pull bigger pages of candidates without getting hundreds of thousands of lines of data.

Joseph Pushnam

Mar 22, 2022, 5:39:02 PM3/22/22
to CATS API v3
Following on this to understand if there was a workaround for paginations and fixes for the above issue. 

I'd like to pull activity feed and other data from CATS by candidate and job order for analytical purposes. Thanks! 

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