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Иван Маслов (через Google Документы)

Mar 18, 2022, 11:07:50 AM3/18/22
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Иван Маслов

Mar 18, 2022, 11:15:55 AM3/18/22

Phineas and Ferb coding adventures

Ivan Maslov

Иван Маслов



0. SHORT DESCRIPTION: This game is inspired by Disney series “Phineas and Ferb”, where older sister Candace tries to bust her brothers while they’re making new inventions. Honestly, I don’t know what plot it would have: we could add alternative scenarios, where Candace succeeds in her quest, build more complex scenarios, where she busts her brothers but they talk their way out or create many different scenarios dependent on character choice.

1. GSOC PROPOSAL DATA: Tell us a little bit about you - what you think we should know about you and what would be relevant for GSoC. E.g., about your studies/university, background, interests,... Please just share only things you feel comfortable with. We don’t request any private data from you! 

I’m self-taught IOS developer since 2018. I took part in several VTB Hackathons in 2021. I’m against solicit armed conflicts on any level.  I’ve experience working with CoreData, SwiftyJSON & Codable & URLSession, webView(WebKit), UIKit, Unit Test. Love comedies and computer games, mostly adventures.



2.  INTEREST: Which of the ideas appeals to you? Do you have your own idea?


3. SCRATCH: Please go to the Scratch website (, run a few existing Scratch projects, remix one, create a new one, and add links in this section to their pages on the Scratch website. Maybe add a short comment here to the link to describe them.

//Removed mountains and changed background on first platformer

 //Drew a rapper(though, originally, I wanted to draw my favorite game’s pirate, but I’m a shitty artist) and tried to add pop sound.

4. POCKET CODE: Please install Pocket Code ( from Google Play, download a few existing Catrobat programs via the Explore button, remix one, create a new one, upload these two to the Pocket Code website via the Upload button, and add links to the projects right here. If you do not have an Android device, you can use the free Bluestacks Android emulator, which has versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or can be run via VirtualBox on Linux. There are also other emulators for various platforms, e.g., Genymotion or Google’s AVD (that is bundled with the Android SDK). If you want to contribute to our iOS development please use the iOS version of our app on  --- please note that you will need a Mac OS computer from Apple if you want to contribute to the iOS version of Pocket Code. For the Android version of Pocket Code, you can use Windows, Linux, or Mac.

//my own

//added a sound to another user project

5. MOTIVATION: Why are you interested in our project and this specific idea?

I love games and want to learn how to make them

6. CONTRIBUTION: Have you already contributed to Catrobat or taken a look on our repositories, resources, etc? 

I cloned your repository, but neither looked nor contributed to it yet.


7. MOBILE HARDWARE (if you want to work on app related themes): What Android/iOS device will you use for development? Please note: Also state if you’re using an emulator instead of a device (that’s no problem from our point of view).

I’m going to use Xcode Simulator, since my Xcode and iPhone versions aren’t compatible.

8. TEST DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT: Write a short paragraph about test driven development. Please do not copy-paste a text from the internet or a book etc; instead, do some research about it, and then write a short paragraph in your own words. 

Basically, test driven development is a paradigm of creating tests as soon as you created a project. And you update those tests as you add functionality to your app.


9. USABILITY: Write a short paragraph about Usability and User Centered Design. Please do not copy-paste a text from the internet or a book etc; instead, do some research about it, and then write a short paragraph in your own words. 


Usability is a concept, where app’s Interface should be engaging to users, easy to learn and have no critical bugs for user to see. User Centered Design is a philosophy, where design and development is centered around users needs and feedback.

10. EXPERTISE: Please describe your technical expertise relevant to our project.

 CoreData, WebKit(webView), UIKit, SwiftyJSON, URLSession & Codable, Unit Test

11. HUMAN LANGUAGE SKILLS: Which human languages do you speak and write how well?

 English(intermediate) and Russian

12. GRAPHIC DESIGN SKILLS: How do you rate your graphic design skills? Please provide examples (either as links, or directly in the doc) in case you think your skills might be valuable for our projects.

 13. CODE SAMPLES: Please provide a code sample of some program you have written in the past. Either insert some short snippet here (e.g., an interesting method) or link to some public project you contributed to (e.g., your GitHub profile, a pull request from you,...)
If you want to apply for one of the Pocket Code games, provide further examples of games/projects you have already created with Pocket Code.
//modified stas_pi project

//my own

//added a sound to another user project

14. TOOL CHAIN: Please state your familiarity with development tools that could be relevant to Catrobat (e.g., git, Android Studio, Xcode, Jira, ...)


Xcode, git

15. REMOTE COOPERATION: How would you like to cooperate remotely? E.g., which tools would you suggest to use for remote code review sessions with us?

Skype, Zoom

16. ROUGH TIME SCHEDULE: Please provide a rough time schedule.

I’m ready to contribute from 1 to 11 p.m (GMT + 3)

17. INTEGRATION: It is crucial to us that your project is integrated and accepted in the develop branch before the end of GSoC. How will you split the idea into smaller tasks/milestones to achieve this and how often will you submit a pull-request for a code review of your work?

It depends on difficulty of the task. As far as I know, submitting code filled with errors is a bad practice.

18. COMMENTS: Please state here any other thoughts, ideas, or other feedback you would like to share with us.

It’s not related to education, but it would be great if we develop new VPN.

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