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David Everett

Nov 5, 2021, 3:08:51 AM11/5/21
Hi All - also see this previous discussion:

As the others have said, get the wind 30-40 degrees off starboard (so that the boom is off to port) - the sail then wraps most easily around the anti-clockwise furler.
Another tip - if unfurling all the sail out, you can 'reef' it back just a couple of inches so that the lower leading edge of the luff just re-enters the channel - otherwise it can jam there, and then its a trip to the mast to help guide it in which is undesirable if solo sailing. I also think this improves the sail shape significantly.

David (Tiarnie, #62, Adelaide, South Australia)

On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 8:40 AM <> wrote:
Jose Faraldo-Gomez <>: Nov 04 04:16PM -0400

Hi all,
I’m considering buying a new C355 with an in-mast mainsail furler (moving up from a 22-ft daysailer) and one of the many questions I have is how to best reef the sail in significant wind. I take it one must point into the wind, with the boom perhaps slightly off center to facilitate furling? Or is it possible to reef from other/any point(s) of sail?
A related question is, in sporty conditions, do owners typically find that partially furling the 135 genoa is a better or worse option than replacing it with a smaller jib before leaving the dock?
Thanks for any input - and for all the info in this group. So helpful.
Marvin Isgur <>: Nov 04 04:25PM -0400

The mainsail furling can get wrinkled or get folded. This can obstruct both opening and closing the mainsail. I suggest the the wind be between 10 and 30 degrees off of the starboard bow. Loosen the main sheet before you reef as well. With that combination, I have never had an issue.
Hope that this helps! Good luck. You will love the 355
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Zach Smith <>: Nov 04 03:45PM -0500

My biggest gripe with the in mast furling is when u need to unfurl just a
bit... Say when the wind drops from 25kts to 20kts and youre going from
"2nd" reef to "1st" reef. With the continuous line that goes to the drum at
the mast it is possible to let it go slack and then have the entire main
come dumping out. Especially tricky if you are single handing.
As for the headsail, a purpose cut sail will always be more efficient than
a partially furled, but it works just fine furling the genoa. I wouldnt
worry about it unless you like changing sails or are racing. :)
On Thu, Nov 4, 2021, 15:16 Jose Faraldo-Gomez <>
Michael Green <>: Nov 04 05:41PM -0400

The main _furls_ on a shaft inside the mast by rotating
_counterclockwise_, so it is much easier to furl and unfurl with the
boom a bit to port.
On 11/4/2021 4:16 PM, Jose Faraldo-Gomez wrote:
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Michael Green

Nov 5, 2021, 8:01:41 AM11/5/21

I agree with David's comments below.

I had almost forgotten about potential problems with the lower edge of the luff catching at the mast channel after the sail is fully unfurled.  My experience has been that this issue can be mitigated by keeping the main halyard snug and thereby the luff well tensioned.  However, sailors more experienced than me may have situations when they want to adjust their sail shape by either tightening or loosening the luff.  But for me, after I got my luff better tensioned I no longer had the problem.  (you would have to adjust this tension at a time when the sail is not under load)


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