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Sep 18, 2021, 10:30:17 AM9/18/21
to Catalina355
My prior sailboat was a C-350 which I had for about 12 years, and  did not have instruments on the coamings as I am sure some of you know.
I sold my 350 about 4 years ago and have a 355 on order.
I am seeking input/advice re the number of MFIS to purchase.
The current option sheet lists one standard MFI and the option to purchase two additional MFIS. My initial order includes one additional MFI. The boat is not in production yet.
I guess if I purchased the additional MFI that would give some symmetry, with two MFIS on each coaming, including the autopilot head? 
But what additional advantages or needs would this configuration address?
I do understand these MFIS and MFDS are much more versatile than the ones that came with my 350.
Allen Barnes


Sep 18, 2021, 12:40:39 PM9/18/21
to catal...@googlegroups.com


I bought a new 355 last year (#157) and added a Raymarine i70s Multifunction Instrument above the chart table.  So far, it has been useful.  I also us Navionics on an iPad Pro and my cell phone as necessary.  That is certainly all I have needed so far.  Feel free to let me know if you have another questions on options.  We love our new 355.  You will too!

Bill Broderick

Naples, FL

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Delbert Patterson

Sep 18, 2021, 1:20:31 PM9/18/21
to catal...@googlegroups.com

I'm pretty sure that you will want to have an autopilot head and MFI on both sides of the boat.  At times, the instruments will be easier to read on one side than on the other.  It varies with the sun angle and the effects of polarizing sun glasses.  Some times I think is would be nice to add an additional MFI at the nav. station. (almost as nice as the time and money saved by not doing it.)

Del Patterson (#100)

bill pittore

Sep 18, 2021, 1:35:13 PM9/18/21
to catal...@googlegroups.com
Hi Allen,
 I started sailing my 355 the summer of 2020. I had bought a new Raymarine axiom MFD and a Navpod to install it in. It was a used boat that came with 3 Raymarine i70 instruments and a p70 autopilot control head, two on each side of the coamings. After sailing for the past two summers I think I would have rather had at least one of the MFI units at the helm in the Navpod, particularly the auto pilot. They make Navpods with one or two cutouts for the Raymarine instruments. The Axiom has a split screen mode that has the chart on one side and sailing info on the other side. This includes AWA, AWS, TWA and maybe TWS as well. It’s easier to use that than crane your neck and try to see the instrument on the side of the cockpit. My auto pilot is the older SPX model so the Axiom cannot control it directly. Whenever you want to go to auto or back to standby you have to lean over and hit the appropriate button. Not a big deal but still a bit distracting. Since you’re ordering a new boat you probably won’t have that issue.


Juan Galan

Sep 18, 2021, 2:16:10 PM9/18/21
to catal...@googlegroups.com
I purchased my 2019 355 #147 from a floor[dealer] stock and it came with a plotter, etc.  in main console and two MFI on starboard side and one on port side. I can control autopilot from center console as well as from port side - all works fine!
If I was ordering one based on one year of use[all day-sailing on Biscayne Bay], I would order a smaller diameter wheel!!
I usually sit on starboard side[have never used center seat] and getting around wheel is difficult unless it is folded!!
I see no reason for such a big steering wheel and you will be adjusting your course via autopilot anyways!!
Depending on your age, etc., you may want to consider an electric or hydraulic winch on port side[above cabin] to make it easier to bring mainsheet out!!
Enjoy your new boat - mine has AC;bow thruster and TV, which makes it complete!!

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