Important - iOS 14 and Cast device discoverability updates: Cast iOS Sender SDK v.4.5.0 release

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Sep 15, 2020, 5:11:23 PM9/15/20
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Hello Google Cast Developers —

Beginning with iOS 14, applications that scan for devices on the local network will now prompt users with a one-time permissions dialog to find and connect to local network devices, which could negatively impact Cast device discoverability. We have made UX modifications to the SDK to make it more obvious to users why local network access permissions are needed, to ensure that users will be able to continue to Cast. These changes have now been incorporated into Cast iOS SDK v.4.5.0, which is available for download from Cocoapods. 

An overview of the UX modifications, along with the steps to follow to incorporate the new changes are covered in the Cast developer documentation

Although re-releasing with the Cast iOS SDK v4.5.0 will allow your Cast app to work with both iOS 13 (now), and iOS 14 after its release, we strongly recommend that you re-release your iOS sender app built with Xcode 12 as soon as possible, to take advantage of the Local Access Prompt customization and the new UX available under iOS 14.

For additional questions or Cast support, please see Cast support options.
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