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Trance Gemini

Dec 29, 2008, 10:02:38 PM12/29/08
to Carvaka
Fire is hot, water cold,
refreshingly cool is the breeze of morning;
By whom came this variety
They were born of their own nature.

This also has been said by Brhaspati:
There is no heaven, no final liberation,
nor any soul in another world,
Nor do the actions of the four castes,
orders, or priesthoods produce any real effect.

If a beast slain as an offering to the dead
will itself go to heaven,
why does the sacrificer not straightway offer his father

If offerings to the dead produce gratification
to those who have reached the land of the dead,
why the need to set out provisions
for travelers starting on this journey
If our offering sacrifices here gratify beings in heaven,
why not make food offerings down below
to gratify those standing on housetops

While life remains, let a man live happily,
let him feed on butter though he runs in debt;
When once the body becomes ashes,
how can it ever return again

If he who departs from the body goes to another world,
why does he not come back again,
restless for love of his kinfolk
It is only as a means of livelihood
that brahmins have established here
abundant ceremonies for the dead -
there is no other fruit anywhere.

Hence for kindness to the mass of living beings
we must fly for refuge in the doctrine of Carvaka.

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