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visual think map

non lue,
25 sept. 2008, 10:28:0925/09/2008
à Cartographie d'informations

Great, although when i click on the tab flight maps, and then select a
country for flights too, it doesjust assume that the flight originates
from the uk.

hence uk - paris.

dont know if you're able to change the origin of the flight. but look
nice and clean visualisations and so highly informative.

from here: http://www.flightmapping.com/maps/files/europe/FRANCE.asp

found here: webuser magazine - issue 197 p69 25th september in their
forum form BedstrofromAP


excuse me, i'm not entirely sure how make images display here, tried
to follow another post example.

arnaud velten

non lue,
25 sept. 2008, 10:31:1725/09/2008
à carto...@googlegroups.com
Very Very insteresting :)

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