Kombu Heartbeating under librabbitmq

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Dayton Gomez

Sep 12, 2014, 10:55:13 PM9/12/14
to carrot...@googlegroups.com

I've been using Kombu for some microservice experimentation recently. I've noticed that librabbitmq is significantly faster than amqp (which is no doubt why kombu tries to use it first). However, I notice the transport for librabbit doesn't use heartbeating. Unfortunately, the systems we use may be terminated at any time (they are very ephemeral), and the timeout-less connections pile up and kill the rabbit server. So. I've tried forcing the timeout with transport_options, which does keep the piles from happening. Sadly, with a quiet system, I've noticed the rabbitmq connection invariably goes away, and the consumers don't always wake up properly.

To get to the point: is this functionality on a roadmap? I notice that librabbmq.Connection seems to have a heartbeat function, so the groundwork is there. It looks like kombu itself needs to use it.

Thanks much.
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