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This is where we share in near real time. This list is only one of several channels available to CARC members. A suggested priority of communication might be: 

1. On the air - hey, we are hams after all. 
2. Phone calls - one to one or one to many as desired
3. This reflector (or individual email) 

But - we're not all that formal - use what works for you! 

File attachments are not allowed. This is to prevent the spread of malware. If you need to share a file (including pictures) with someone, contact KA7O. He can help with that. 

This reflector is totally under the control of CARC. Only certain group managers can view the membership list. This is all to protect your email address from being added to some spam list. CARC will not share your email address with anyone else without your explicit permission or as required by law. If you have further questions or concerns, please ask. 

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