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Ken Buesseler

Jun 29, 2022, 12:49:13 PM6/29/22
The Code of Conduct put forward by the Exploring Ocean Iron Solutions forum is out- see links in both Nature and World Economic Forum.  Let's try to bring the ocean CDR community together around a collective set of practices to advance CDR studies.

see Nature Correspondence piece out today on line (in print in Nature tomorrow).


In addition, longer full version posted by the World Economic Forum

And if you just want to get right to it on our web site

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Geoeng Info <>: Jun 25 10:00PM -0300
Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal: Code of Conduct
Achieving "net negative" carbon emissions ...more
Andrew Lockley <>: Jun 25 03:05PM +0100

", the developing technology plans to produce biogenic limestone, which
will use coccolithophores — or calcareous microalgae — to suck in and
retain CO2 in mineral form by way of photosynthesis ...more
Greg Rau <>: Jun 25 05:48PM -0400

Answer: Yes - Ca(HCO3)2(in seawater)—> CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O. If they are not using seawater then what is the source of Ca, and what is the CI of obtaining it?
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Geoeng Info <>: Jun 25 06:00PM -0300
*Large-scale deployment of greenhouse gas removals in the UK: identifying
social justice risks*
Lidia Ruiz
*Abstract * ...more
Geoeng Info <>: Jun 25 02:14PM -0300
Environmental trade-offs of direct air capture technologies in climate
change mitigation toward 2100
Yang Qiu, Patrick Lamers, Vassilis ...more
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Paul Reginato

Jun 29, 2022, 2:07:29 PM6/29/22
to Ken Buesseler,
Hi Ken,

Thanks for sending. I agree that an ethical framework around ocean CDR is urgently needed. Guidelines 1 and 3 (copied below) raise a question about the role of private companies in ocean CDR. The primary purpose of a private company is its responsibility to shareholders, and typically their research is not conducted in an open and collaborative manner. I'm curious if the group has deeper thoughts on how these guidelines would apply to private companies.


1. Prioritize collective benefit: The collective benefit to humankind and the environment must be the primary purpose of research conducted to develop and evaluate the potential for climate intervention technologies to moderate or reverse human-induced climate change

3. Commit to open and cooperative research: Research should be conducted openly and cooperatively, preferably within a framework that has broad international support. Research activities with the potential to affect the environment in significant ways should be subject to risk assessment, considering the risks and their distribution associated with both the activity itself and the ongoing limits to understanding if the experiment is not conducted.

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