how to distinguish different Message Types in tcp byte stream

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Alex Syrnikov

Oct 25, 2022, 10:45:03 PM10/25/22
to Cap'n Proto

I have (working on) Rust service and clients ( Rust and Node.js). I want service<->client cap'n'proto message exchange via Tcp socket (no HTTP). Messages will go via tcp connection, but I have different message types (each message is structs Login, or CommandGetData or Error...). So how can I distinguish which message Type I got from tcp bytes stream (and I need to know it's size too).

I decided to prefix each message with UInt32 type and size (8 bytes total). Probably JS can read raw bytes. Or I can prefix Messages with fixed size unpacked message (struct - 24 bytes).
struct MessageHeader {
 type @0: UInt32;
 size @1: UInt32;

So what is good solution for this task? I think it was already solved many times. I understand, that RPC will solve this as JSON messages. But I do not want use RPC right now.

Ian Denhardt

Oct 25, 2022, 11:18:15 PM10/25/22
to Alex Syrnikov, Cap'n Proto
For distinguishing the type, I would recommend wrapping your messages in
a common union type, e.g:

struct Message {
union {
login @0 :Login;
commandGetData @1 :CommandGetData;
# etc.

The rpc protocol itself does something similar on the wire; see

For determining message size, you shouldn't need to do any extra
framing, as capnp's stream serialization already makes it possible to
determine the size of a message:

I'm not familiar enough with the rust & node APIs to provide code
examples, but hopefully this is helpful.


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