New maintainer for C implementation and request for reviews

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Jason Heeris

Jan 13, 2021, 10:06:41 PMJan 13
to Cap'n Proto
Hi all,

I've just been added as a maintainer to the C implementation project on Github and thought I'd introduce myself. I recently started using Cap'n Proto via both the C and Rust bindings for IPC in an embedded Linux environment, quickly found and fixed a couple of bugs, and became quite interested in the project.

I'm not new to C but I am new to Cap'n Proto, so I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could cast an eye over my recent PRs just because they're my first steps on the project.

My plans for the C bindings in the mid-future are:
  • Go through current PRs
  • Tidy up the code and docs a bit
  • Submit a couple of packages for OpenWrt (they're already written, I just want to wait for those PRs to go in)
  • Try to fix issue #30 (properly handle malicious or corrupted input)
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