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Björn Schäpers

Jun 7, 2021, 10:08:08 PMJun 7
to capn...@googlegroups.com
Hi there,

I've started using Cap'n Proto RPC. Until now I only have some tests to ensure
Cap'n Proto behaves as expected for me.

What is missing for me is waiting with a timeout, or I don't see it. I want to
be able to shut the server down, and NEVER_DONE seems not right for that. In my
tests I'm using poll with a sleep in a loop.

Currently I'm using the Ez RPC, and to be honest the RPC System and associates
are a bit overwhelming without documentation or good examples.

Kind regards,

Kenton Varda

Jun 7, 2021, 10:38:46 PMJun 7
to Björn Schäpers, Cap'n Proto
Hi Björn,

Instead of Ez RPC, try using kj::setupAsyncIo() and capnp::TwoPartyClient / capnp::TwoPartyServer. These APIs give you more control. In particular, kj::setupAsyncIo() returns an kj::AsyncIoProvider which, among other things, provides a kj::Timer API which you can use for timeouts.

KJ's and Cap'n Proto's header files are well-commented. We consider the header comments to be the API reference documentation.


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Björn Schäpers

Jun 8, 2021, 2:25:53 PMJun 8
to Kenton Varda, Cap'n Proto
Thanks, I will look into that.

Yes I know the code is documented, without that I wouldn't have come this far.
But what is missing, at least for me, is the bigger picture, i.e. how to combine
all these rpc related classes, and what I need to implement and what not.

If I use the setupAsyncIo and TwoPartyServer, do I need to use the
TwoPartyClient, or can that stay an EzClient?

> <mailto:capnproto%2Bunsu...@googlegroups.com>.

Kenton Varda

Jun 9, 2021, 12:25:46 PMJun 9
to Björn Schäpers, Cap'n Proto
Yes, I agree there's some missing overview docs regarding Cap'n Proto RPC. The web page is not very detailed.

FWIW, I recently wrote an overview/tour of KJ: https://github.com/capnproto/capnproto/blob/master/kjdoc/tour.md

But that doesn't cover Cap'n Proto itself.

> If I use the setupAsyncIo and TwoPartyServer, do I need to use the
> TwoPartyClient, or can that stay an EzClient?

The protocols are the same, so you could use EzClient on the client side and TwoPartyServer on the server. However, I would recommend avoiding the EZ interfaces entirely. Over time I've come to regret having created them, as they are too inflexible for many use cases.

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