Recursive autoReconnect logic

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Sep 26, 2022, 8:31:03 AM9/26/22
to Cap'n Proto
I'm trying to add reconnection behaviour to capabilities with autoReconnect, but the behaviour isn't what I'd expect when I have multiple levels of reconnecting capabilities that are pipelined:

Given a trivial schema that obtains one capability from another:

interface TestB {
  getA @0 () -> (a : Capability);

This example code deliberately creates capability B as disconnected, so I'd expect an attempt to reconnect the B capability, but instead, only reconnection of the A capability is attempted:

#include "reconnect-test.capnp.h"
#include <capnp/reconnect.h>
#include <kj/main.h>
#include <kj/async.h>
#include <kj/debug.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
  kj::EventLoop loop;
  kj::WaitScope waitScope{loop};

  auto b = capnp::autoReconnect([&](){
    KJ_LOG(WARNING, "Reconnecting B");
    return TestB::Client{KJ_EXCEPTION(DISCONNECTED)};

  auto a = capnp::autoReconnect([&]{
    KJ_LOG(WARNING, "Reconnecting A");
    return b.getARequest().send().getA();

  try {
    a.typelessRequest(0, 0, nullptr).send().wait(waitScope);
  catch (kj::Exception& exc) {
    KJ_LOG(ERROR, "1", exc);

  try {
    a.typelessRequest(0, 0, nullptr).send().wait(waitScope);
  catch (kj::Exception& exc) {
    KJ_LOG(ERROR, "2", exc);

reconnect-test.cpp:12: warning: Reconnecting B
reconnect-test.cpp:17: warning: Reconnecting A
reconnect-test.cpp:17: warning: Reconnecting A
reconnect-test.cpp:25: error: 1; exc = reconnect-test.cpp:13: disconnected
reconnect-test.cpp:17: warning: Reconnecting A
reconnect-test.cpp:32: error: 2; exc = reconnect-test.cpp:13: disconnected

I'd expect the second attempt to result in a reconnection of the broken capability B when the (eventual) call to getARequest() occurs?

If I remove the pipelining, and force the call to getARequest to complete, then B reconnects just fine.


Kenton Varda

Sep 28, 2022, 9:24:25 PM9/28/22
to Vaci, Cap'n Proto
Indeed, if you call send(), pull a pipelined capability off of it, and then drop the Promise that `send()` returned... then the logic to detect disconnect will never run, because it's chained on the promise that you canceled.

This does seem like a bug... I think I even remember hitting this before. One way to work around it is to make sure you save the promise returned by `send()` off to the side rather than throwing it away, so that it's allowed to complete the disconnect-detection logic.

It's a bit hard for `ReconnectHook` to do this automatically, because if it did, then you wouldn't actually be able to cancel calls made through ReconnectHook... attempts to cancel would be ignored. I guess what you really want is that the call won't be canceled if a pipelined capability still exists. I think it would be possible to build that but it might be a little convoluted...


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