Compiler plugin for AutomationML

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Cliff Pennalligen

Sep 20, 2021, 7:57:03 PMSep 20
to Cap'n Proto
I'm expressing interest in writing a compiler plugin for AutomationML (
IEC 62714-4: Logic).  This language is basically used to generate vendor-independent PLC code.  PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are ruggedized embedded devices for controlling machines, factory processes, water and power plants, mining and refining systems, etc.  

Implementing Capn Proto on PLCs would be of advantage because their communication services are often very simple (Socket services, etc).

I would write this in C# because we have limited high level programming resource in-house, and the AutomationML Association provide a free nuget package that represents their CAEX object model.  So hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to link the capnp serial stream to this.

Also, a company would likely be paying money for this and would probably want to keep it for themselves.  Even if it were released to the general public, it would be written and tested only to work for the specific project(s) it is required for, and could only be considered a proof of concept or a prototype for a proper AutomationML plugin.

Don't know what much more else to say..?  It said to speak up before starting on a plugin... I've done that... uh - any comments?
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